By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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books élysées

  1. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Private Welcome to the Stevie King Book Club

    @Carrie White June 7th, 110 Eddie had taken to combing through places in Ark City during the day to get a feel for everything, moving between boroughs and districts without much thought as he sought familiarity. Soon enough he'd start picking up cab fares during the daylight hours instead...
  2. Justin L. McCay

    Private Death & Books

    Date: 16th January, Year 110. Tag: @Ann Takamaki and @Hua Cheng. He had bent to put the FAKE, prickly pieces of the Christmas tree back in its dogeared cardboard box when the front door opened and a gust of icy air billowed into the book store. A man stepped in who could have been a human...
  3. Hua Cheng

    Private bubblegum & butterflies

    ✦ ―crimson rain sought flower November 14, Y110 -- @Ann Takamaki It was always a gamble, really, letting others step into a space that he felt was his, but thankfully, the bookshop was far from anything he felt so strongly and so personal toward. More than anything, he supposed it was a...
  4. Trevor Belmont

    Private river styx

    December 1 | @Hua Cheng It wasn’t often that Trevor received a job offer from an old woman feeding pigeons. He wasn’t even supposed to be working today – while there were plenty of monsters that haunted city streets, they weren’t really the sort that Trevor hunted. But the elderly woman had...
  5. Bill Denbrough

    Private Denbrough vs. McCay: Round 2

    September 16th, year 110 @Ben Hanscom @Beverly Marsh @Justin L. McCay open to @Eddie Kaspbrak Bill led the way to the bookstore. No bikes. He'd talk all his friends into getting their own bikes some other day. Today, he was showing them, especially Ben, to Books Élysées. Any store that...
  6. Hua Cheng

    Complete same (old) song

    September 3 - @Ardyn Izunia It hadn't been luck which had been with him the day that Ardyn Izunia decided to pay his humble bookshop a visit. After all, Hua Cheng was intelligent enough a being to know which form was more beneficial to him and which form was safer. 'Safer' admittedly...
  7. Hua Cheng

    Private face of a sinner

    August 10 - @Justin L. McCay He seemed ... odd. That had been Hua Cheng's first thought. Running a business wasn't something that he was entirely unused to. Not that he had ever owned a bookshop before in his extraordinarily long life, but he had been the lord of an entire realm...
  8. M

    Open Vellichor

    Date: December 2nd ___________________________________ It'd been surprisingly easy for Megumu to get a job. He'd been looking for one for the past few days he'd been living in Pandora. He wasn't sure what job he could do. He wasn't exactly good at a lot of stuff— he was an amazing cook, but his...
  9. M

    Private roadblocks

    why would i ever hold back? Strict bedtimes were practically exhausting. They made her feel like a child again and-- sure-- she'd admit that she wasn't quite an adult pretty readily... But she'd always read books until her eyes fluttered closed. Always. It was a tradition and she's finding this...
  10. K


    October 10 @Michelle Jones At least he wasn't in that fucking orphanage anymore. He was starting to lose his damned mind in that place. No matter what time he went to bed, someone yelling or crying always woke him up. That, followed by classes day in and day out, was really starting to drive...
  11. L

    Private Fandom is weird

    Date: July 26th, year 108 Tag: @Kanami Mashita Location: Books Elysees bookshop, Levitton ~~~~~ Well, as work days went, this one had turned out to be a bit more exciting than most! Pulling shut the rooftop door behind him and locking it, Lonnie leaned against the door for a moment and...
  12. H

    Private knowledge is power

    Date: July 2, Year 108 Place: Inside Books Elysees, Ark City Time: 11:12 am Tag: @Hotaru Tomoe --- By the Nine Realms, how dare that little metal man command her to do the work of a mere slave! After her recent adventure up in the Cosmic Wilderness where she helped overthrow a planetary tyrant...
  13. L

    Private Can I Help You?

    Date: April 1st, Year 108 Location: Books Elysees, Ark City Tag: @Futaba Sakura ~~~~ It was, as they said, a living, which is to say that it was an act of wage-slavery enforced upon him by the landlord's demands for rent. Still, as acts of wage-slavery went, Lonnie had to admit that he'd...
  14. T

    Private birds of a feather

    @Jace Herondale Tessa had a few, treasured employees, but she still basically was in the shop every day, and, though she loved it, she wouldn't mind being able to take a few days off. So she put a discreet sign up in the window, and waited. Some people who came in noticed, and were clearly...
  15. T

    Private a thousand years

    @James Carstairs 16th of September It was a quiet day. The bookstore that she and Jem had apparently inherited was almost empty of customers, so Tessa was doing some shelving. It was a nice place to be, filled with the smell of new books and old, cats littering the bookshelves and chairs...
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