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bugman's brewery

  1. Reimu Hakurei

    Ask think fast! May 29th, Y110 Bugman's Brewery Ask to join before posting, please! Being stuck in Pandora was such a pain. She hated being dragged out of her routine so suddenly, but this was on a whole new level. For the first time in...
  2. Sidon

    Private Just Kappa Things

    @Josef Bugman || April 10th, Year 110 || Bugman's Brewery It wasn't often that he indulged in fine drinks, though Pandora had a way of shaking up most of his standards. A few of his colleagues from the navy had insisted that he accompany them to an establishment called Bugman's Brewery and so...
  3. Jackal

    Private That's Goin' In The Book

    April 13th Y110 - @Josef Bugman - Drunken Dwarves Jackal realized he wasn't dealing with Orc raiders when he noticed snow in springtime, and that the huge warriors he was running out of the farmlands were all blue. He worked hard to strike at the giants, dodging spears and hammer strikes, well...
  4. G

    Private Clovers and Ale

    March 14 Y110 - @Ciri It was the dark night, though dawn crept ever closer, yet a snappily dressed demon wished to find his hole again with his prize before the sun rose. The demon stood a head taller than a dwarf, dressed like a dandy in a purple waistcoat and tan pantaloons and black...
  5. C

    Private middle fingers to death 凸(¬‿¬)

    January ???, Y110 we'll figure it out @Josef Bugman Stark green eyes fluttering open over a lush hillock, Ciri awoke to the warmth of the sun beating down upon her cheek. Hands flying to her throat, her next act was to wheeze from deep within her chest. She scrambled to sit in defiance of a...
  6. NPC

    Private What could go wrong

    FEBRUARY 13, 110 | evening @Glynda Goodwitch & @Kaeya Alberich Crush & Burn was a company founded several years ago, but after the pairing-computer selected options continuing to put people in danger, they were shut down for oh-so-many reasons. In the year 110, the people behind it spread the...
  7. Kaeya Alberich

    Private A business transaction.

    ✦ ―And if I could take it all back A tiring week to say the least, having received a more than intriguing text from the anonymous assassin known only by the nickname "Villanelle", that's what he assumed to say the least, no assassin would give their real name after all, so out of all the...
  8. G

    Private You should see the other guy

    20th January @Ciri "Please, you have to help us sir swordsman." A stranger in a local tavern had approached him, pleading on his knees before Guts. It was a pitiful sight. Guts was no hero looking to come to aid of strangers, but a thirsty man who simply wanted a drink after a long day of...
  9. C

    Private hildegard von blingin

    November 18th, Y110 @Kanami Mashita Bugman's Brewery suited Ciri much more than that underworld hive in the stars. After all that time spent meandering, the simplicity of tavern work was like a balm for her blistered feet. Wiping tankards, manning the taps, the promise of riveting tales from...
  10. Josef Bugman

    Private Fine song and good cheer

    Date: October 24th, Y110 Location: the beer hall of Bugman's Brewery, at closing time Tag: @Venti ~~~~~ Another fine day. Indeed, there had been a whole string of them this past month. Were Bugman inclined to the kind of superstition (or gloominess) of some of his brothers and sisters, he...
  11. J

    Private A Real Drink

    October 15th, Year 110--Hidden Crest, Cascade Bay @Josef Bugman He never quite forgot that sip of beer he'd taken before fighting that thieving dragon months ago, but Jeralt was a little too distracted by other issues to track the source down again. It was more by coincidence that he ended up...
  12. Josef Bugman

    News Article Bugman's Celebrates First Three Months

    October 3rd, Y110 From the pages of the Cascade Bay Chronicle Celebrating its third month of business, Bugman’s Brewery has announced a new beer brewed in honour of the Head of the Mercantile Coterie, @Sinbad. Called “Endless Gold,” this beer was brewed to reflect the prosperity and good...
  13. Josef Bugman

    Private For Kin is Kin

    Date: August 16th, Y109 Location: Bugman's Brewery Tag: @Sindri ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A great many dwarfs, having aided in the slaying of a dragon, would usually choose to add their share of the (not inconsiderable) hoard to their own vault. Bugman was, of course, not opposed to doing this...
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