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pandora killing game

  1. Dorothea Arnault

    Complete Mais qui je vive ou que je meure, Non! Je ne céderai pas

    This topic is a one shot of Dorothea´s death in the killing game from her perspective. As such it features death, suicidal thoughts, self loathing, death of a parental figure, death of friends, etc. Please don't read this if dark subject matter in the vein of the above might be a problem for...
  2. Naoto Shirogane

    [M] killing naoto

    murder described; all parties not in right mind due to disease; highly likely to be a struggle, blood, and other things involved with a murder that'd be more specifically warned when the time comes This is an AU of Chapter 2 of the Pandora Killing Game November 24th, Year 110, 11:55 PM ~...
  3. Junko Enoshima

    Complete [m] stomp your feet and clap your hands

    death, violence, gore, part of the killing game 2nd of December, 6pm Trial time. Of course. Because that was how this worked. The bear vanished, and, leaving Naoto's corpse behind (where did the corpses go? They had vanished from everywhere they had been after the trial, so where did they go...
  4. Chuuya Nakahara

    Complete A Missing Song (M)

    Part of the Killing Game November 29th, Year 110 3rd Island, 2:00 PM / @Dorothea Arnault The next morning came too soon. After the trial, Chuuya had been angry and stormed off; went and wrecked shit in his lab before...Dazai came after him. It was...strange to be that open with each other...
  5. Dorothea Arnault

    Private M - The Enemy of my Enemy

    November 29 - 7PM @Chuuya Nakahara @Osamu Dazai @Ryoma Hoshi @Yuri Leclerc It's high time we clear the air 7 PM, the terras in front of the hotel They were simple messages but they had mostly done the trick. Mostly because notable Naoto was not there. She was still processing Akechi´s death...
  6. Dorothea Arnault

    Private L´equivoco Stravagante

    December 1 - 11:45AM @Chuuya Nakahara @Osamu Dazai Like on most days when Dorothea wasn't being forcibly awoken by the bear she slept in. Until a respectable 11AM by which time sunlight was more than filtering through the curtains and she finally rose from her bed. They had to put a stop to...
  7. Naoto Shirogane

    Private [M] "fear not, then," said the angel

    November 30th, Year 110, 2:40 AM ~ @Ryoma Hoshi + @Futaba Sakura Ever since she got her hands on it, she had been... hesitant. But... she had to face it at some point. In her hands, she stared at the compass on Akechi's eHandbook as it pointed itself toward the second island. So... his lab had...
  8. Futaba Sakura

    Private [M] Come out of the ashes underneath you

    November 29, 110 9:45 PM @Lelouch vi Britannia Futaba hurt. Hand, arm, soul, spirit, heart and mind- she was one giant bruise of overwrought emotions, traumatic events and empathy for everyone else around her. Once, Akechi's death wouldn't have meant much to her, except maybe a little...
  9. Naoto Shirogane

    Complete [M] assassin's revelation

    November 28th, Year 110, 9:30 PM It was done. Tsumugi Shirogane had been executed. Was it bad that Naoto had hardly been phased? She threw her fist into Tsumugi's face and then told Monokuma he should start the vote. And as the execution was underway... well, she didn't shed a tear for...
  10. Dorothea Arnault

    M - living and not living

    This AU topic is is a split off from the Kiling Game plot, as such all usual killing game trigger warnings (murder, death etc) apply. Additionally some content warnings for suicidal thoughts, and suicide attempts, death of a friend apply @Osamu Dazai There was a hollowness that Dorothea had...
  11. Chuuya Nakahara

    Inactive No Room for Sentiments (M)

    Part of the Killing Game, dark themes, might add more--we'll see November 28th, Year 110 2nd Island – Chuuya’s lab, 9:40 PM / @Osamu Dazai, (@Dorothea Arnault, @Yuri Leclerc) It was done. The trial was over; Tsumugi was executed in a mock of a puppet show...and Chuuya felt nothing. Oh, he was...
  12. Sigma

    Complete No Time to Rest / Oneshot

    November 20th, Year 110 Oneshot 10:00 pm. The past few days had been very busy for Sigma, trying to run The Bomb on his own in the day, and also helping at Irene’s casino in the Grand Elusion by night. The Bomb was hard work; the last owner had disappeared mysteriously after having a private...
  13. Junko Enoshima

    Complete (m) with a song of pure romance

    part of the pkg, gore, violence The bear walked with you this time. Across the bridge, to the island, dodging all of the questions, giving half-answers if he gave any. The dog followed, too, stepping in time with the subdued crowd. Up the escalator, into the elevator. Down, down, down into...
  14. Chuuya Nakahara

    Complete Devil Is in the Details (M)

    Part of the Killing Game November 28th, Year 110 Investigation – Hotel Hallway, 4:00 PM Chuuya sighed as he took his leave from the kitchen. It looked like the kitchen was where the knife was taken from but there wasn’t anything else that was missing or that he found; no stray hair or anything...
  15. Chuuya Nakahara

    Complete Kitchen Investigation (M)

    Part of the Killing Game November 28th, Year 110 Investigation – Hotel, 3:45 PM After the investigation with Dazai and Dorothea, Chuuya volunteered to go to the kitchen and check whether the knife had come from there. The others went to investigate the rest of the island as well, to see if they...
  16. H

    Private Strength In Numbers

    1:45 PM | 02/12 @Futaba Sakura ----- December always brought with it a bitter cold. Hajime bundled up for it, wearing a hefty beige-green zip-up hoodie with his hands buried firmly in his sweater pockets. It was unpleasant but not something Hajime was thinking about; if anything, the cold was...
  17. Ryoma Hoshi

    Private [M] Kitchen Aid

    Nov. 28th, 3:00pm Hotel @Tsumugi Shirogane Part of the Killing Game! The knife used to take Goro's life and possibly spring a trap on Suzaku was a food prep knife. That meant if there was any place on these islands it could've come from it might as well have been the kitchen of the hotel...
  18. Euphemia li Britannia

    Complete Moments that the words don't reach

    November 28th, 8 pm The door shut with a soft click. She slumped back against it. The bent hairpins in her hand slipped and clattered to the ground. She would have to apologize for breaking into his house again. She would have to apologize for so much. Say so much. But her words wouldn't reach...
  19. Chuuya Nakahara

    Complete Short on Time (M)

    Part of the Killing Game November 28th, Year 110 Investigation – 2nd Island, 2:30 PM / @Dorothea Arnault, @Osamu Dazai Two murders in one day. The place was quite remote so the killer must have been counting on that to make them find the bodies late. Because now? They were on a time crunch—they...
  20. Dorothea Arnault

    Communications a new plot

    November 25th, Year 110 9:21PM @Yuri Leclerc W- Dazai & Chuuya, we´re planning Any interest in picking a lock or two on this island
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