By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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ruby ranch

  1. S

    Private Weird Science

    May 15th @The Governor Blake had been pretty patient, Skeletor had been working for a few months on the potions and reagents needed to fix..well somewhat fix his predicament. He had captured a few shifters to test his potions on. It had...some results at first. Most died within hours, one was...
  2. V

    Complete Bite and Blade

    Date: November 12th @Magiano ~ She had been watching the boy for a few minutes now, recognizing him from afar by his long, brass-sheen locks. Velouria's chin was settled on her folded arms, both resting on the windowsill, with her gaze peering through the pane at the glinting, flipping...
  3. The Governor

    Private Impaled (M)

    Date: 1st Nov, Year 109. Tag: @Will Solace. The heavy, rhythmic thud of hooves on hard dirt came from behind him. Philip snapped around in time to see a bulky pair of horns flyin’ at his midsection, mornin’ sunlight flashing off the sharp tips. He was gonna wind up impaled on ‘em, unless he...
  4. The Governor

    Private Public Relations

    Tag: @Jim Hopper. Date: 16th Sept, Year 109. Clink! The Governor sent another golf ball arcing off into the field. Raul, in German Shepherd form, gambolled off to retrieve the item. A pile of golf balls he’d already fetched stood by Philip’s foot, glittering wetly in the mornin' sunlight...
  5. V

    Private An Attitude Shift

    Date: September 15th @Vivienne Graham ~ Cool night air ruffled the long silver fur around Velouria's collar like it was a lion's mane. The outskirts of the ranch were a deathly quiet atmosphere, a barren field bathed with the full moon's face suspended above it, still on its figurative rise...
  6. V

    Complete Get Your Own Stone!

    Date: August 16th, Y108 @Magiano ~ Lukewarm water splashed upon Velouria's tired face like a thousand little wake-up slaps as she stood within one of the barns of Ruby Ranch. The wolfgirl sighed and shook her head, flinging the droplets away off silver head of hair. As she took another pair of...
  7. S

    Private Can We Get A Little More Skeletor Up In This Motherfucker??

    @The Governor June 18th Skeletor ran a hand over his beloved Panthor's fur, the predatory pet let out a low purr and flicked it's tail. It followed it's master's gaze towards the farm. Locking it's eyes onto the livestock with a hungry glare. "Soon my precious kitty, soon. Daddy needs to get...
  8. B

    Private predator problems

    Date: June 12, Y108 Location: The Ruby Ranch, Cadenza Expanse, Centria Tag: @The Governor The disaster that was Jurassic World had met the same ending as it had in her world, even if Blue did not understand wholely what that meant. All she knew, was that she was free once more. Having found...
  9. F

    Complete Wolf in a boys skin

    1st July @The Governor Suddenly getting grabbed by some magic vines wasn't by far the weirdest thing that had happened. And being in the middle of a fight he couldn't loose nor wanted to start with it was a welcome distraction. Until it got dark, too dark for his advanced eyes to penetrate...
  10. M

    Private To steal information from a magpie

    5th June @Pikachu The boy wouldn't call it ‘settled in’ since he had little intention of staying here forever. But the ranch was a nice place, the people friendly enough, it just wasn't his way of living. For the time being he stayed, had a wound to heal - didn't meant he was merely using...
  11. Max Reed

    Complete Roach Wars: Return of the Moustache

    M/TW: Insect transformation. Date: 1st July, Year 108. “Are you ready?” “Just…” Reed shifted restlessly on six legs in the thick straw, his curving mandibles flexing open and shut. His voice was a quiet buzz in the cavernous barn. “Go over it again.” “I’m going to inject you with a little...
  12. P

    Private The Adventure of the Blood Stained Ruby

    Case File Opened: May 21st, Ruby Ranch, Midday. @The Governor It was the third cow, apparently, to be found like that which prompted the rancher to seek help. The ranching business wasn't going so well for them, and something was mauling their livelihood, so the most expensive and drastic...
  13. The Governor

    Private Sabotage

    Tag: @Amy Wellard. Date: 15th April, Year 108. Philip stood in front of his Dodge Ram, the hood on its stand, so he could scowl in at its steel organs. Some bandit, some terrorist, had tampered with the truck. They’d also tampered with their other vehicles and farm equipment. Goddamn. This...
  14. T

    Complete i didn't plan it

    People didn't think much about this new place out in the Cadenza Expanse. The most Tom ever heard was various rumors about why it had been nicknamed "Blood Ranch". That didn't matter to Tom, though. What mattered was the other known fact about it, that it was home to other werewolves. And...
  15. The Governor

    Complete By The Horns

    Tag: @Toby Daye. Date: 17th January, Year 108. The Governor and his people were tracking down a buncha cow thieves when the bull charged ‘em. They were warned by the heavy thump of hooves and the quiver of the ground. It’d been still and quiet mere moments ago, excluding the wind whistling...
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