By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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saint sacul

  1. Red XIII

    Private "My god, a talking wolflion!"

    Y110 - Autumn - Nov. 2nd Saint Sacul @Luke Skywalker "Am I dead...?" That simple thought and question was at the forefront of his mind. The uncomfortable sensation of supposedly hurtling through the atmosphere, with disgusting slimy tendrils wrapped around his legs and chest, suggested...
  2. Luke Skywalker

    Private Tour of the Island

    Tag: @Daniel Wing. Date: 2nd June, Year 109. “We’re here!” Luke called out to the vendor, “Day”. He set the rental transport down on a flat plateau that was part of the forest layer of the island. Beneath them, rugged cliffs tumbled away to the crashing and foaming sea. He’d considered...
  3. Luke Skywalker

    Private reach out with your feelings (not THOSE feelings)

    Tag: @Leia Organa. Date: 6th January, Year 109. Luke sank the heels of his boots into the sand, tightening his grip on the makeshift staff that he held in both hands, gnarled wood scratching against the bare skin of his palm. He could crush it into splinters with the steel fingers of his...
  4. Luke Skywalker

    Private Don't Fall Asleep

    Date: 30th December, Year 109. Tag: @Sora. “Close your eyes,” Luke instructed Sora, the bleak, rocky landscape disappearing beyond the blackness of his own eyelids. “Now take a deep, steady breath. Hold it in and let it out slowly.” Luke demonstrated with his own calm, measured breaths...
  5. Yondu Udonta

    Open Lost In Place?

    January 11, 109 he'd really gone off the rails this time, if not also completely out of the reach of any familiar faces he'd met in Ceres and Elysium. The desert surroundings, as far as he could tell, suggested that much. In other words, this new planet, at least judgin' by the...
  6. I

    Private Stranded

    Saint Sacul Date: December 11th @Luke Skywalker IG-11 had trekked across Pandora searching for signs of the Mandalorian, old bounty hunting protocols leading him to the most likely of places but every single one of them coming up empty. Soon, there wasn't anywhere to go but up, into the cosmic...
  7. P

    Open who killed the (porg) world?

    January 24th @ open to all tw for dead porgs In general, Pino enjoyed the company of porgs. They could be a little annoying when screaming loudly or a bit boring when they refused to follow on her adventures, but they were really friendly and funny. Not scary at all, like the sarlacs and the...
  8. A

    Private too young, too old, just right

    date | December 7th, Y109 tagged | @Luke Skywalker, @Obi-Wan Kenobi "Whatever you talk about, do you mind... not telling him about me knowing everything..." he had asked Obi-Wan sometime before the ramp lowered, youthful features twisted into a slight grimace. "I kind of haven't told him yet...
  9. Luke Skywalker

    Private Something Smells Fishy

    Tag: @Galen Marek. Date: 3rd Dec, Year 109. “Go away!” Luke yelled, hurrying over to a colony of porgs, which were pecking at his cooking fish. He waved his arms at them, causing some to take to the sky with shrill warbles that ranged from surprised to indignant. The others - the vast...
  10. H

    Private Paying a Visit to the Jedi

    October 4th, Y109 @Luke Skywalker @Leia Organa Luke, just jump in whenever you see fit, I figured they’re going to land in about 1 post or so He’ll never admit it, but Han was just a little bit happy that he was seeing his old friend Luke again. He hadn’t seen the kid since… well, before even...
  11. Luke Skywalker

    Private milking aliens & harvesting their eggs

    Tag: @Anakin Skywalker. Date: 1st Nov, Year 109. Luke tossed aside the strip of fabric, trudging heavily out of his stone igloo hut. That wasn’t going to work. He had the hood of his cloak pulled up over his head, though that likewise failed to conceal his new… Snout. He crossed the short...
  12. P

    Private Rise, small Vader !

    September 11th @Anakin Skywalker It was a difficult endeavor, even for someone as amazing as Pino, but in the end she managed to repair small Vader's ship, to the best of her abilities and navigate it towards the planet he said he was in. Saint Sacul. Pino hoped the machine of the ship was...
  13. M

    Private on the other side

    He was groggy. His head hurt. Actually, everything hurt a bit, but when he came to, he was okay. He looked down at his hands, slowly pushed up off of the dirt and the grass. His arms were shaking and he didn't really know why in the same way that he didn't know why he wasn't wearing any...
  14. J

    Private not the skywalker you're looking for

    calendar aug. 11, y108 @Anakin Skywalker Jasnah... didn’t like space. Well, it wasn’t that she didn’t like what was in space. Like all the planets and moons ripe for study and exploration, each sporting a different atmosphere, climate, topography and way of life. That was the stuff scholars’...
  15. Luke Skywalker

    Private Return of the Sarlacc

    Tag: @Boba Fett. Date: 15th July, Year 108. Luke sat cross legged on a rock, patiently watching two suns set in a sky full of warm oranges and romantic reds, as he did most evenings on the island. But something different was going to happen tonight. Someone was going to show up that he...
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