By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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sanctuary of mist

  1. Wei Wuxian

    Private the right to bear arms

    June 3rd @Takashi Shirogane Wuxian had welcomed the change of seasons without issue, whining about this or that to his partner, especially regarding the weather. He had finally grown accustomed to the cold and then suddenly things around him were changing — leave it to the cultivator to...
  2. L

    Private Spiritual Interview

    February 25th, 110 @Lan Wangji The air was cleaner here. Cold and fresh, smelling of mist and morning dew. Yeon filled his lungs with the wind, trying to remember when the last time was that he's visited a mountain range - any mountain range. None of them were his, of course, not anymore, but...
  3. Lan Wangji

    Private Sorry For Malfunctioning

    February 3rd @James "Bucky" Barnes Night hunts were a necessity, especially when one lived in the Vales and monsters were aplenty. But even a cultivator as skilled as Wangji needed time off, though it didn't consist of the expected sleep-ins, lazy and slow mornings that soon rolled into...
  4. Lan Wangji

    Private The Big Catch

    January 27th @Daniel Wing Sometimes, one of the drawbacks of setting out traps for ghouls was that the nets you laid out, caught what you were not looking for. Often times it was a rabbit or some kind of rodent, maybe even a boar at times which he was set free, being a vegetarian he had no...
  5. Lan Wangji

    Private Please Don't Kick The Local Zombies

    December 14th @Kanami Mashita Night hunting was a little more labour intensive when doing it on one's own. Though Wangji made his own nets for the restless spirits, set them out and dealt with them on a nightly basis and seemed to enjoy it for the most part, it was not as fulfilling as it...
  6. Lan Wangji

    Inactive It's In The Simplest Of Things

    October 31st @Wei Wuxian Gifts for birthdays were not looked upon in the most positive light within the Lan clan, they were considered unneeded and a distraction for the cultivator lifestyle, those trained so harshly that they didn't need much more than absolute necessities to survive...
  7. Xiao Xingchen

    Private almost past

    September 14 - @Lan Wangji Whether or not Xiao Xingchen was going in the right direction was always something of a gamble and anybody would have looked upon the form of a man dressed all in white as though he were attending a funeral, his eyes covered always in a blindfold of that same...
  8. W

    Private The Weight of Our Choices

    August 26th, Year 109 @Lan Wangji Wuxian had to be careful since he found one piece of the Stygian Tiger Amulet. Simply being around it—you could sense the negative energy. And he hated it; feeling like this again, even if it was a different body...he remembered it. Wuxian would get so angry...
  9. Lan Wangji

    Inactive Catch Your Breath

    May 24th @Wei Wuxian There was something that had been bothering Wangji for a while now. Wei Ying had not touched his sword, or really used one since he had been reunited with him. He was aware that he was in no possession of his own sword, which, by the way, Wangji thought still had one of...
  10. W

    Private The Comfort You Bring

    May 13th, Year 109 @Lan Wangji It had passed midnight when Wuxian arrived home to Wangji. The night was dark, and the lantern he used to navigate himself was hanging precariously by a rod, as Apple got them home. Wuxian was bobbing back and forth, cheeks flushed as he hummed and sung a song as...
  11. W

    Complete Drunken Soup

    March 19th, Year 109 @Lan Wangji Wuxian bit his lower lip as he took a sip of the soup he was making before pouting. The taste wasn’t really there, and he feels that it should be more...smooth, more something. He handed a bit to Xiao and asked her opinion, to which, she agreed—the taste was...
  12. W

    Complete Made Aware of Our Souls (M)

    description of mature sexual scene March 1st, Year 109 @Lan Wangji Wuxian sighed as he nuzzled into the soft covers of the bed, his eyes fluttering as the rays of the sun were drifting through the window. The young man had found a nice bottle of wine and had drunk by the side of the balcony...
  13. Lan Wangji

    Complete One Thing Leads To Another

    February 2nd @Wei Wuxian It was still early morning when the commotion had broken about. Lan Wangji did not expect his partner to be up for an hour more, if not two or three, for he hadn't changed much in that sense and still struggled to wake up come morning. The two were like opposites as...
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