By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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the scorch

  1. Ethan Winters

    Private [M] You're Next, Asshole

    violence, body horror, baby in jars, probably an excessive amount of swearing, a baby is taped together with moldJUNE 05, 110 | late afternoon @Karl Heisenberg He was so close to having the last vial of Rose' Yet his fingers only just brushed against the clouded glass, before vines...
  2. Jonah Hex

    Private Ode To The Odd

    May 9th Y110 - @Zelda Hyrule - Put It On The Line Jonah's time with Evie had left him thinking about some thing, like why he was doing all this nonsense with the DeGrays, he was still tracking slavers, freeing them and building a picture of just how big the DeGrays operations were. But now he...
  3. A

    Private beyond the veil of death

    January 31st @Sasuke Uchiha Pandora may have been all-powerful, but it had barely made a scratch on the sarcophagus housed in the deep pool on the lands of the Wastes. At a glance, perhaps it could have been Egypt. long ago, but it was far more barren and unimpressive. Nothing would compare...
  4. Gyro Zeppeli

    Private Ticket to Ride

    @Diego Brando || October 28th, Year 110 || Halfway between Lethe and the Dusk Forests, Anarchy Road For an undetermined amount of time, Doctor Gyro Zeppeli will be taking a temporary leave of absence from Nanoball Frontier. If you need to visit a primary care physician, there are other doctors...
  5. G

    Open why did it HAVE TO BE SNAKES?!

    9/23/110 ...Well, I guess the snakes are here. Gerold kinda knew that it was probably only a matter of time before it happened...but then again, he hadn't exactly expected them to literally rear up their ugly heads in the middle of the Scorch, in broad daylight. He also hadn't counted on...
  6. A

    Open beneath the sands

    September 25th Being pulled here against her will was a constant source of irritation to Aloy, maybe more so as she had no idea how or why it happened. Anyone she'd briefly talked to in Lethe had said the same thing; or whatever it was brought you here at random, and there was...
  7. F

    Private hawke of a different feather

    August 22 @Arien Hawke Why, exactly, he had agreed to go on this voyage, he was still uncertain. It was needlessly dangerous, without anything really making it worth his while. Naming a town was hardly something he cared about; especially with the name of this particular wagon. Yet it was...
  8. Dimitri Blaiddyd

    Private A Bad Day to Die

    @Kait Diaz || June 18th, Year 109 || The Scorch There's gonna be deaths at the hands of bandits It was meant to be a mundane trip through the desert in order to retrieve lost goods. A caravan attacked by the region's sandworms left behind small, important bags in the sands of the Scorch. In...
  9. F

    Private What Is Left

    July 14th, Year 109 @Dimitri Blaiddyd Felix sighed, hands on his knees as he breathed heavily. The sun was blaring over the sky and Felix had taken off his coat and gloves to try and cool off. The Dread Wastes were hell. It was a wasteland and a desert altogether. Felix half expected that fire...
  10. H

    Private The Victory and the Celebration

    January 15th @Nico di Angelo & Fenrir Brekke Hades tilted his head back as he slurped down the potion, drinking every last drop of the wonderful sweet smelling liquid. It was the most wonderful sensation he’d ever felt, like pure energy running straight through his veins, encouraging him to...
  11. L

    Private The Sun also Rises on Those Who Fail the Call

    January 2, Y109 @Hades The large white sphere of the full moon was shining bright on the black velvet sky. Everything was silent. A cloud of black appeared against the night sky, covering the moon before it descended. Dozens of black bats, flapping their wings, descended even lower, until...
  12. M

    Private New World Same Stuff

    January 9th-Year 109 @Diana Prince The red plane roared overhead of the Waste desert, it’s shadow a brief spot on the sweltering sun. No matter how cold nor how frozen all the other lands had become since Christmas, the Wastes Scorchland seemed to only get hotter as the year went on. Hotter...
  13. L

    Private The Price of the Divine

    December 16th, Year 109 @Hades Time was running out. Luna could feel it. She didn't have long. Most of her days were spent exhausted and in pain. At work, she could barely focus. The Hospital had moved her to desk duty months ago, but every so often they still needed her to perform her true...
  14. H

    Private Fire in the Scorch

    October 25th @Cinder Fall The inside of Pandora’s Box looked a lot different than Hades thought it would. A whole new universe meant there was a lot of observing to do. People to watch, places to explore, technologies to discover. If you couldn’t guess, it was a lot of work, but Hades’ weeks...
  15. C

    Complete A Confusing Pile of Nonsense

    August 3 @Dimitri Blaiddyd + @Edelgard von Hresvelg + @Byleth Eisner There was a second wave, because of course there was. While he was good, Lady Flame Emperor wasn't so bad herself. Claude had confidence in their first battle - but wasn't prepared for this one. The main group already...
  16. milk

    Private [Crush & Burn] Let's do the MONSTER MASH

    Crush & Burn: Pretty-Okay Package @Makoto Niijima & @Shoto Todoroki Welcome to your all expense paid vacation! You and your partner have been blind-folded and picked up at your assorted houses. You're not allowed to see, nor speak to each other until you reach the location. Don't mind the...
  17. T

    Private Redemption: The Long, Not So Lonely Road

    January 7th @Gabriel Reyes The Wastes weren't as bad as T'Challa had thought they would be. They reminded him of the Sahara with its vast lands of absolute nothingness for as far as the eye could see and even beyond that. Or it seemed there was nothing but there was still life around, adapted...
  18. A

    Private The Grave Can't Hold Us

    November 11th @Gabriel Reyes & @Jack Morrison Getting Jack to agree to come with her to the Wastes was easy enough. The man unsurprisingly reluctant to let Angela go beyond the city after what had happened, had readily agreed to letting her go as long as he was there. The reason for going...
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