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Open 2 Poll 2 Character: Electric Boogaloo

Which one???

  • Finnick

    Votes: 10 52.6%
  • Somni

    Votes: 6 31.6%
  • Johnny

    Votes: 3 15.8%

  • Total voters


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!! Character Poll Time !!

so. it has been long enough since I had one of these, and it's also long enough since I had something new and exciting happen in my rooster. as much as I love my children, the latest additions and changes are pretty similar to each other, or have made things pretty similar. they're all pretty serious, and work well with serious plots — which is fine, I love those plots. especially if they're also angsty, as anyone threading and plotting with me for longer than like two months, knows well. but I need a new kind of mindset. I say, with two of the characters I'm considering being just as serious as the others bc I clearly have a type but pshhhht. point being: I'd love for you to help me decide on a new perspective to write, yo!

The Tributes Candidates
Finnick OdairThe Hunger Games
I'm finally reading these books after years of wanting to, and just. they're so so good. why did I not read them earlier. either way: I already loved Finnick in the movies, I absolutely fell for him in the books and I relate to him on deep levels. he deserves so much, ugh.

Sonmi-451Cloud Atlas
I've tried it with Markus RK200 back when, and I love writing sentient robots; but Markus doesn't seem to be the right android for me in this setting, and that's okay. Somni on the other hand, was always my favourite part of Cloud Atlas, especially in the book! after Robert Frobisher bc I cried so much about him, and I think she could be a really good addition to my rooster in terms of trying other types of personalities.

Johnny FaustAmerican Satan
likely the least known of the bunch. he's the charismatic lead singer of a metal band (and played by Andy Black from Black Veil Brides) and has made a deal with the devil to help his band with their success. or, more like, kinda slipped into it, but you know the devil needs consent, so he did make that decision on his own. which of course leads him down a path of utter sin once the sacrifices and stakes are growing bigger, but he does have his heart in the right spot, usually, and is trying to stay on a morally somewhat acceptable path. for people who've had to read Faust in school, yes, that movie is leaning heavily on that, but with a rather modern setting of course, and the satanism portrayed is the closest thing to the real deal that I've ever seen in movies. and yes, his girlfriend is called Gretchen, because of course she is. he'd be the dream of an actual rockstar character come true for me and also would open so many thread ideas for all those incarnations of Satan on here.

I have muse for all of them and just bc I've wrote more about Johnny, doesn't mean I'd like to write him more, I just wanted to tell you all who he is, and it's likely that I'll be dropping Dmitry soon, so I may or may not end up apping two, but yes, with whom should I start? if you could drop me a few lines on why you'd want a certain character, that'd be even more amazing, thank you ♥
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okay so i only know one of them and that is my boi Finnick and so i voted for him. he deserves so much better, and he, along with Johanna Mason, are my absolute two faves from the series.

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