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Open A Festival of the Many

Moh Kohn

The Star Fraction
The Free Elysian Commune
The battle for Elysium was a long one, and a lot of people suffered a hell of a lot. However, with peace now having reigned for a month or so and the initial headaches of setting up your own pseudostate now mostly over, the Free Elysian Commune (and its glamorous and dashing leader, Monsieur Moh Kohn) have decided that the time has come now to celebrate the victory they won and send off those who gave their lives for it in style.

As such, the Free Elysian Commune will be holding a 3-day festival during the 25th - 28th of October!

The Festival of the Many will feature music, political talks, dancing and - of course - food and drink. During this time, the entire Commune will be on holiday, meaning that it will be very busy at the festivities!

The main attractions will be as follows:
  • The Main Stage - a large square with a stage and sound system set up at its northernmost end. Here various people from the Commune and beyond who are friendly to its project will speak for a while on whatever topic they have to share; audience questions and contributions are encouraged. The festival as a whole will be opened from here on the first day with a short address by the Chairman of the Central Council, the Commune's highest political body.
  • The Food of The Worlds - across two of the largest streets in the Commune, a series of colourful marquees have been set up and all manner of cooking implements and utensils prepared underneath them. Next to the tents, a huge row of communal benches are arrayed, where people can sit and enjoy whatever food/drink they've got from their marquee of choice. Each day, the various options change as new volunteer teams come in and replace the old ones, bringing their own distinct cultural offerings with them and keeping things interesting. The food is cheap for tourists, and free for those who can demonstrate they reside in the Commune itself.
  • The People's Theatre - another square has been dressed up with a stage and seating arrangements, but rather than political discussion this area is instead given over to working-class performance of all kinds. Revolutionary songs, small comedies, poetry and various examples of the cultural variety that exists in the Commune will be performed for the visitors to enjoy, and there's even slots open for people in the audience to share something of their own if they want to.
  • The Rest Halls - for those who need a quiet space to recuperate after the festivities, or who might simply prefer to be away from the crowds for a while, a former Peacekeeper station has been opened up and turned into a kind of hostel-slash-lounge. Quiet, relaxing music is played here, and light drinks can be gotten quite easily from a series of self-serve stations.
Now, this festival is open to anyone who wants to come to it - while there will be security in the form of the Commune's militias, generally speaking the place is pretty open.

As such, my thoughts are these - this event can be used for private threads, or I can set up a series of open threads for people to use as the basis for their stuff. Or, hell, why not both? Basically, I'm putting this out as a kind of interest check and to see if anyone has any plots they'd like to spin out of this, so please reply with any thoughts or ideas you all have!

In particular I'd be keen on:
  • Performers! Musicians, actors, anyone who loves an audience and tends to lean towards sympathy with the downtrodden masses, why not come and showcase your talents at the festival?
  • Cooks, chefs and other food-based wizards are very welcome! Got anyone who might fancy the challenge of feeding a three-day festival?
  • People who have a cause they're fighting for, and who want to share it more widely! The main stage is for you - will you come and join the discussion?
  • Guests! Want to see what the Commune's all about? Fancy just having a nice day out in somewhere different, or are you really into your political upheavals? Why not come down!
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