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For the first time in her life, Earth-Chan had a bed to sleep in and didn't have to drift in the orbit of a planet to sleep. Though she was mostly okay with this as it was all she knew, when life got hard and governments rose against her back home. It became harder for her to sleep safely, and being in a new and strange world made that even more so. Thus she'd been excited to sleep in a real bed and had drifted off into dreamland, which in Pandora was often called Otherworld though Earth-Chan didn't really know this yet.

When she appeared, Earth-Chan was in her dream form which usually looked like a normal human girl with long hair and a pink dress. Though she still retained her star like pupils, it was enough in her dreams to still fill human. Most times she'd dream of a full family around a table having lunch of dinner, oddly this was usually out in the open and not in a house. But this time it'd become a house, due to all the excitement of having a true place to live.

Earth-Chan smiled as she spotted her dream family all seated around the table as she walked into the room, they all sat down like a family and stated eating. About halfway through the meal however, was an abrupt knock on the door of the house that Earth-Chan had dreamed up, who could it be...

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