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Gomez Addams

The Addams Family
Gomez Addams
"I love a man with integrity - I wish I knew one. "


Played by Locque

Fandom: The Addams Family
Age: 35
Species: Human
Pronouns: He/Him
Canon Point: After the final episode, Ophelia's Career.
NPC Companions: Thing. Thing is a disembodied hand. Please see below for all things Thing.


SkillsGomez has many skills although keeping a company afloat is often not one of them. He's a talented builder of model trains and the setting they are in until he blows them up. He knows a fair few things about dynamite and other explosive materials. It's a member of the Zen Yogi Society and can often be found reading the paper while standing on his head. He also enjoys fencing, knife throwing, badminton, and dancing with his dear love, Morticia. All in all, he's normal enough at least when compared to the other Addams in the household.

Ability?Although as human as the next man, it only seemed right to state that Gomez has a strange tolerance of poisons that would kill a normal person. He's been known to enjoy henbane tea or eat toadstools with no adverse effects. The whole family has this ability so he doesn't see it as special at all.

NPC's AbilitiesThing. Thing is a disembodied hand (and part of a wrist) that helps out generally with the Addams household and ended up with Gomez on this unplanned trip into Pandora. Although just a hand, Thing has remarkable intelligence and can problem solve. He is often the family's typist for important documents. He gets the mail and does other tasks around the house as well. Just what Thing is and how he came to be though no one really knows but he's always there to lend a hand.


Gomez is human and like any other human he had die from a number of things. Although he doesn't fear death by any stretch. But obviously he requires air to breathe, can drowned or suffer a whole host of other deadly illnesses.


Gomez is generally a well meaning and mannered person. Although, many people are often taken aback by the strangeness of the man at first. Which is fine, he is often alarmed by the things that he considers strange himself. However, he would never leave a neighbor or anyone in need without help even if they did have a white picket fence in their front lawn and a koi pond in their garden.

He can be a rash and passionate man. And is known for losing money in whole schemes only to regain it at another time due to sure luck. An Addams family trait over the generations. His love for his family knows no bounds and though he's tried to be helpful at problematic times, he's always tried to do right by everyone. He's supportive of anything anyone wants to do. Whether it's Mama's painting or Morticia's desire to sculpt. He has been known to be a little worrisome at times, namely where Morticia is concerned, there have been a few misunderstandings from time to time that she had stopped loving him. Thankfully that is not the case.

Morticia is everything to him and Gomez has no problem saying that let alone showing it. Whether they have guests in the house or not. He's also very fond of the children and for quite sometime saw no point in sending the children to school because he wanted them there with him. As he put it "Why have children only to send them away?" Not having them here is something that's painful for him but they are safe with Uncle Fester and Mama.

All in all, Gomez is not everyone's cup of tea and his likes do tend to clash with what is normal but he tries his best to be a good man. Although not everyone in the world makes sense.


Although his overall appearance can be seen above, it only seemed correct to comment upon his clothing. He's fond mostly of suits that come in the normal blacks, greys, blues, and those mundane type colors. However, he does have a very loud taste in nightclothes and wears the standard striped beach attire when going on such an outing even if they never truly leave their lawn in doing so.


The family of Addams goes back many generations and has ties to a number of events in world history. However, many of those are ones that a normal family would not be proud of but then again they aren't Addams. The family has many ties to the losing side of politics (but they support and vote nonetheless), as well as pirates and other people of such matters. Even in the modern day, there are rather strange cousins and distant relations who don't quite look or act normal. Cousin Itt for example. But this collection of people does without a doubt make up a family.

Gomez is no exception but he was a late bloomer by all accounts, content to hide indoors and waste his life away with many an illness. That was until he was supposed to be wed to a woman named Ophelia and fell hopelessly in love with her sister Morticia instead. Love won the day and the two have been together ever since.

Gomez has continued the family tradition of backing the wrong candidates and generally living his life to the fullest. No one quite knows where the Addams money came from or how much there is but it's safe to say that Gomez is talented at both adding to it and losing it as the case maybe. Overall though, he's happy with his life and his cheerful home. Well, that was until he ended up somewhere else altogether.


Gomez was very much so uncertain what had occurred. One moment he was reading the paper, in his usual pose, and the next well, he wasn't at home anymore. The uneven ground had toppled him over from his standing on head position and he landed with a thud, cigar still in his mouth. "By Jove." Was all he managed to say, the clear confusion on his face as he studied the scene before him. This was not home, nor any of the cozy little spots found around Cemetery Drive or in the cemetery itself, the swamp or the caves. After a few more seconds, the man burst into a smile and shook his head.

"That Pugsley! He's only gone and displaced me! I shall have to have a word with that boy as soon as I find a phone." The smile never leaving his lips as he spoke. Really his son had many talents. The United States government really had some catching up to do. With this sort of technology though! Boy! They'd be on the moon just like that. That'd really show the old space program how to get things done! First though, he had to figure out where he was. Puffing on his cigar off he went through the grass and to the nearest spot of pavement.

He eyed the statue of a goose. "How ghastly." He muttered to himself, his face falling even further at the sight of the colorful flowers that didn't offer a thorn among them. "There are some really sick people around here. I should make a donation to the local hospital." He resounded that to himself and went to make a note on some paper from a pocket when Thing appeared from the shrubbery. "Thing! Old man! Pugsley's latest invention got you too?" He asked the hand cheerfully. "I must have a word with that boy about doing his experiments in the house!" He gestured to the hand. "Come on, Thing. Like old Maire Addams, we shall find our way home!" And off they went.

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