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Rumor Aliens Abduct Pets

14th March - 14th April

Over the last month there has been a sharp spike in pets going missing in Pandopolis City, with the vast majority of incidents occurring in Blackhaven. If you pass a streetlight or shop window, you’re likely to find it plastered with posters of missing cats and dogs.

Many conspiracy theories are circulating about the disappearances with a large proportion of pet owners fearing that martians have abducted their animals to dissect in the Cosmic Wilderness. A much smaller minority believe that heartless thieves are stealing the animals to dress up as rare species in hopes of tricking wealthy private collectors into buying them.

According to your best friend’s sister’s brother-in-law’s aunt, law authorities in Pandopolis City have advised pet owners not to allow their animals out of their sight and to grow corn in their gardens to distract the martians.

Relevant Threads (Optional}
Drive a wolf out of Pandopolis City: Sadly, the truth is a lot less interesting. A wolf has been preying on people’s pets.

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