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Poster An International Buffet


Kimihiro Watanuki

April 2nd, Lunchtime

An International Buffet for all
The Pterodactyl Lounge has decided with the help of their chef Kimihiro Watanuki, that they will be putting on a buffet with tastes from all around the world of Earth. Countless countries and their variety and different dishes will be available on mass at The Pterodactyl Lounge, come in for lunch with a twist as you get to chose what country your food comes from and don't even have to wait for it to be cooked.

Everything is fresh and a delightful assault to the senses of those who love food and want something different to eat then the normal everyday food. There will be dishes ranging from red and white meats to seafood and of course vegetarian meals to excite anyone, there will also be a separate desert Buffet for deserts from around the world known as Earth as well. Whether you come from Earth and miss the foods or you just want to try something exceptionally pleasant, come down to The Pterodactyl Lounge on April 2nd for a lunchtime you'll not soon forget.

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