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Animal Bestie: Advanced Edition


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Animal Bestie: Advanced Edition

Inspired by His Dark Materials

Starting on March 1st Y109, people began waking up to the reflection of their own souls before them. These beings call themselves Dæmons, and they just want to help.

What are Dæmons?A Dæmon is a physical manifestation of your soul, in the shape of an animal that best reflects the person in question. Younger people (pre-puberty) have shape-shifting Dæmons, due to the fact that the world is still shaping them; and their soul hasn't quite settled. Once the form solidifies, the Dæmon does not change from that form.

Dæmons are sentient, with distinct personalities (which differs from their other half - think of the inner voice you argue with), names, and the ability of speech no matter their form. They also have animal instincts, generally ruled by whatever form they're currently in/have settled into.

Moreover, while resembling and acting almost perfectly like animals, they are not true animals, and humans/dæmons/animals can distinguish them on sight.

Other people + Your DæmonDæmons prefer to only be touched by their person. Unwelcome touch results in pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness. In their person, this transfers over as physical weakness (like the wind being knocked out of you), overall vulnerability, as well just feeling violated on a deep level.

A lover or extremely close friends touch, however, can result in warm and welcomed feelings.

Dæmons can touch each other without any side-effects, as well as actual animals.

If a Dæmon becomes injured, or killed - their person suffers the same fate. One cannot survive without the other. In the case of a Dæmon being killed, it bursts into dust, while the human remains stay behind.

Distance and DæmonsDæmons must stay within 3-5 yards (roughly 2.5-4.5 meters) of their person. To be separated further causes extreme physical pain - which only grows worse with time and distance. If not dealt with, it can lead to death.

Uhh why is my Dæmon doing that?Because you deep down want to. Essentially it's a reflection on what's going on in your mind. Fighting with someone verbally? Both Dæmons are probably throwing down beside you. Cuddling your best friend or significant other? Your Dæmons are probably cuddled together somewhere nearby.

Despite this, they don't always have to agree with their person. Like an argument with yourself, your little buddy might argue against you doing something or saying something.

Dæmons also have an easier time telling when someone is lying or manipulating someone else and have an innate sense of spiritual things.

In addition, Dæmons rarely talk to people who are not their own. Extremely close friends can occasionally be trusted, but never a stranger.

Choosing a DæmonThere's a few things to keep in mind when choosing what will best fit your character. Here's a helpful list to make it as easy as possible!

  • If your character identifies as male, their Dæmon would typically be female.
  • If your character identifies as female, their Dæmon would typically be male.
  • If your character identifies as non-binary, their Dæmon would also not be a fan of gendered pronouns.
  • Basically it should most of the time be the opposite of your character's gender - but since gender is such a complicated thing, do what feels right for your character.

  • Should be an animal they are familiar with/comes from their world and not fictional for them.
  • That mean it doesn't have to be something basic like a dog or cat - but should exist in their canon world. So if they have dragons, they can have a dragon.
  • HERE is an analysis of animals for Dæmons. and HERE is a simpler one.
  • Want a quiz? Here's a few: click, another one, etc. But you can just google "Dæmon Quiz" and find one you like.
  • Size should be reasonable. Dæmons can make themselves smaller when needed, but think of practicality.
  • Same goes for mobility. If your Dæmon is a tortoise, then you should invest in a wagon. If it's a water-animal, you'll probably be stuck at the shore for the entire event, or need to find a way around it.
  • Quizzes and analysis aside, the choice is ultimately yours to feel free to make your own.

Want to keep your Dæmon details on hand? Just use the Development forum to write it down! Of course it can be part of your other development stuff if you'd like, or its own separate thread!

The BasicsWhen?: All Spring season long! Dæmons can appear at any point in the season, and don't have to appear on March 1st.
Came I keep my Dæmon?: Naturally they'll disappear at the end of the season, unless you Re-App your character to keep them!
Where?: This event takes place throughout the entire box.
How do I join?: This is a sandbox event, so completely player driven. Just use it as plot fodder as little or as much as you'd like.
Do I have to join?: No! Not everyone is having Dæmons appear.
What if my character doesn't have a soul?: Then no Dæmon for you, unfortunately.
Rewards?: If you mention your Dæmon at all in a thread, you're participating therefore gets this COOL MEDAL. Super easy, right?

Just reply to this thread with proof, and I'll reward you!

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