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Arkangel Solutions



Arkangel Solutions

Soon after arriving in Pandora, Commander Luis Shepard became acutely aware of how this world works, and the unfortunate habit that an ever changing world has of leaving people behind.

Another unfortunate habit of this world is letting those people fall into the clutches of those who would take advantage of that and are able to do so without bringing attention unto themselves from Pandora’s wider authorities.

Arkangel Solutions is technically a private military company operating throughout Pandora, offering a wide variety of services to clients ranging from bog-standard security and close-protection to intelligence gathering.

Unofficially, it’s the slim veneer of officiality that its founder has created in order to go around the box kicking the collective ass of ne’er do wells and those who hurt the innocent.


Arkangel is a loose collection of like minded individuals dedicated to the common cause of giving those people someone who will fight for them. Whilst the Commanding Officer is nominally the leader of Arkangel, they largely let their operatives do their own thing unless there’s an operation for which the combined manpower of more than just an individual is needed. The flexibility of this structure also allows for those outside of Arkangel to work with its operatives and still get their due, whilst also meaning that the company operates throughout the breadth of Pandora.

Misc. Info

Alongside its primary purpose, Arkangel does work that most private security firms might, but only when the Commanding Officer approves of the people trying to hire them. Running costs and salaries don’t pay themselves after all.

Arkangel doesn’t necessarily operate with the permission of organisations like the PDF, and as such tries to avoid interactions with them as much as possible.
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