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Bakugo, Katsuki

Katsuki Bakugo

My Hero Academia
Student / Bookstore
Chaotic Good
Relationship Status
king explosion murder

Played by milk

Fandom: My Hero Academia
Age: Fifteen
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Season 3 - End of Episode 61 (Deku vs Kacchan P2)


Quirk: Explosions
OverviewAs a starting point, a Quirk is another term for super-power. Katsuki's Quirk allows him to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from his palms, and ignite it to create an explosion. Thanks to a nearly obsessive drive to be the best, Katsuki had a very deep understanding of how his Quirk works, and its limits. Basically, the more his hands sweat, the more powerful the explosions. It's as gross sounding as it is powerful.

FlightUsing his Quirk, Katsuki can propel himself through the air. Both in just adding something extra to speeding up a movement while fighting, to literally flying. The flight is best used while on the move rather than hovering. It's something he's been perfecting for years, so is as smooth and natural as walking for him.

CombatKatsuki's abilities are good for both close-range as well as mid-range combat. His explosions can fire a continuous blast from a distance, as well as short bursts at close range. He's spent a large amount of time perfecting ways to use this for the most powerful result. He even has some moves he's specifically named that are all essentially variations of "let me explode at you until you lose".

Other Skills
Not a Phase MomKatsuki took music lessons when he was younger, and is a rather capable percussionist. Drum-sets just make sense to him, even if he sees it more of a hobby rather than something he actually wants to do anything with professionally.

GET DOWN FROM THEREIt started as him wanting to climb trees before his Quirk even manifested, then turned into rock climbing just for fun, and eventually transitioned into actual mountain climbing. A good way to keep his body in shape and make sure he never depends too much on his Quirk, Katsuki tends to go climbing whenever he can. It's actually a good way for him to mellow out and get a good workout at the same time.

Why Are You Following Me?While he comes across as blunt and even rude, he has a natural magnetism that causes people to want to listen to what he has to say and follow his lead in battle. His confidence in his own abilities tends to inspire others around him, and make them strive to try harder to be on his level. In a sense, he's a natural leader - just...not the nice supportive type.

YOU DUMB NERD!Despite coming across as someone who is all brawn and no brains, Katsuki is actually quite intelligent. He studies hard, and has a good memory - always landing him at the front of his class. He's extremely observant and generally doesn't forget things, even if sometimes his drive to go fight literally everything overshadows minor details on occasion.

  • Wallet with barely any money in it
  • Student ID
  • Phone
  • Keyring that no longer carries keys that work on anything


Quirk: ExplosionsNo power is limitless. While he might claim the opposite, Katsuki's power has its drawbacks. Since his power comes from his sweat, long periods of battle greatly dehydrate him. This, of course, leads to headaches, nausea, fatigue, and all the other sort of fun side-effects that come from losing a large amount of fluids. It also causes his hands to shake a bit - the biggest tell that he's out of literal juice. On top of that, there's a limit to how long he can maintain his blasts of power. Shorter bursts are his strength, but longer drawn-out blasts take a lot out of him - and drain him a lot quicker.

Thanks to the fact his power is literally explosions, his wrists deal with a lot of recoil. No matter how much training he undergoes, there's still a limit to how much continuous fighting he can do. It significantly weakens him over time, and causes the use of his power to become genuinely painful once his wrists have had enough. He, of course, typically ignores this - which only increases the hand-shake when he's at his limit.

Unfortunately, MortalDespite being born with a Quirk, Katsuki is still a blob of meat, bone, and muscle that bleeds when cut, and coughs when sick.

Katsuki comes across as an asshole at first. Then at second. Even after years. Because honestly? That's just who he is.

He purposefully distances himself from other people by making a point to not remember anybody's names or even their powers. In truth, he does remember everyone's names and abilities, but prefers to keep a very specific aura about himself. If he puts himself in a position of appearing above other people, they'll naturally do it themselves. This ego isn't an act...mostly. He grew up with people literally following him around and telling him he's the best, and he took it to heart - using it as an ignition to fight towards his goal of being the number one hero.

The downside of that, is that he forces a standard of excellence on himself. To normal people, that's a good thing. For Bakugo, it's extremely self-destructive. He has to be the best, or he's nothing. Second place or lower is not acceptable - neither is winning on false terms. He wants to fight for the top spot, and win. This breeds a deep-seated insecurity and pressure on top of basically everything else in his life. Anything below being perfect is being weak or failure. So...what choice does he have, other than to be the best?

Which - again - in theory, is fine.
Until he isn't.
Then he isn't fine.

Katsuki is also very, very aware that he'd naturally fit the role of a villain without changing much about himself. He does yell "die" a lot for someone who's supposed to be a hero. Quick to violence and anger. Competitive to the point of corruption. However, despite everything, he wants to be good. Katsuki grew up idolizing a hero by the name of All Might - who was literally a symbol of peace. Despite the fact that he and All Might are very different people, that's still everything he wants to be. Not just because the guy kicked the most ass. Not just because he basically stopped organized crime just by existing. But because he's the ideal of a hero that Katsuki strives to be, no matter what. It's why he forces himself as hard as he does, and pushes himself to always try to be the best. He wants to be just like his hero someday, and can't get there by being anything other than number one.

In short, he's a smart kid with pretty bad anxiety who absolutely sucks at knowing how to talk to people.

Bakugo stands at 5'8" but is convinced he's still growing. His hair is an ashy natural blond, and his eyes are that unsettling anime red. His style is typically along the punk-variety, just because it fits his natural aesthetic better than anything else. Despite acting angry and aloof about most things, he actually puts a lot of care into his appearance and what clothes he wears.




He had to do this. He had to prove this to himself. Katsuki's head wouldn't let him get any fucking rest until he did this. Would it fix anything? Probably not. But honestly, Deku had it coming. Started as this...pathetic little shit that was following him around. Staring at him like he was a goddamn God. Then suddenly...this worthless nerd had All Might's undivided attention. Between everything - the pieces were all falling into place, and he absolutely hated the picture that was staring back at him.

Why...why Deku?
Why him?

And now...he fucking failed the licensing test. There was a way to fix it over the next few months, but that didn't wash out the bitter taste in the back of his throat. The adrenaline of the battle still making his hands shake a bit; a fact he was hiding by keeping a tight grip on his pants. Next to him, sat him. Deku. Was literally more bruise then pathetic loser, which felt good. He put those marks there. On his other side was All Might. Who...had now seen him cry not only once, but twice.

But his face hurt. His everything fucking hurt. And he just felt...drained. Katsuki didn't want to be out here anymore. He thought that breaking open Deku's fucking face would help remind him that he was better. Stronger. Actually the one meant to take All Might's place - and not that pathetic stain of a person. Help him push through the guilt that was wrapping around his throat and mind that he was the reason All Might was without power.

Instead he got...this.
Whatever this was.

All Might explaining how his power worked. Explaining how he passed it on to the Nerd. How his own power was fading and it would be gone - even if Bakugo hadn't fucked up.

Context helped. Sort of. It still...didn't exactly fix anything. It was because of that fight that only happened because he wasn't strong enough, that All Might was now basically powerless. He still wasn't good enough to pass that damned licensing exam. That damned nerd was still All Might's favorite - even if he claimed they both contained his ideals. That they - together - would be what filled his shoes.

Hadn't exactly been what he had said on TV. Hard to forget the gross panicked-sobbing of Deku losing his mind, realizing what All Might was saying.

It was never Katsuki's title to have, was it?

Didn't mean he'd stop fighting. Not even for a second. He couldn't just let someone who was being handed this shit, take it from him. It had been his dream his entire life. He had been working towards it the second his Quirk formed. Now he wasn't going to just drop it, because someone was being handed his dream on a fucking gilded silver platter.

Just meant he had to push himself harder.

Katsuki pushed himself to his feet - feeling his legs nearly give out, but didn't let them. They had to unfortunately head back now - meaning he'd get ripped a new asshole soon. They weren't supposed to be out here in the first place. Plus...he had technically been the reason they were out there at all. He'd have hell to pay within moments.

Plus...he needed to call his mom.

He slid his hands into his pockets as they walked - eyes shifting from the ground to Deku beside him, then to All Might.

"I want to know what made All Might give his power to a loser like you. Let me see it for myself. Was it because you looked up to him more than I did? And if that's the case...does that mean everything I've done to be like him is wrong?"

His own words pulling at the back of his mind, causing his eyes to narrow and fall back to the ground, with a quiet irritated sound. There was really nothing left to say, other than fuck this.

It was then something pulled at his arm. Without thinking, he pulled back, trying to breaks its grasp on him. Then a second one joined the first on his other arm.

"What the f--" something shot around his head - wrapping around his mouth like a gag. It was pulling him backwards. Hands opening wide as he tried to burn away the...vines? Literally looked like vines. Probably some bullshit Quirk of some nobody trying to mess with him before they could get back.

Or maybe he was being kidnapped by The League of Badly Named Group of Villains again.

Didn't really matter either way - he was going to make this person pay. Explosions flared from his hands - trying to burn away the vines, or at least pull him off the ground. The vines seemed to ignore the heat - even more of them attaching themselves to his ankles, and pulling him back before he could get any real height from his Quirk.

Yet again, he wasn't strong enough.
Yet again he was just...some fucking kid being yanked away from people that were standing right there.

There was a rushing sensation at one final pull - the world disappearing into blackness. Brows pinching together as both the damned nerd and All Might were suddenly gone from view.

He had lost, again.

Why was this happening again?
Why wasn't he ever enough?

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"babe why ur hands so clammy"
"dats my nitroglycerin"


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