Barnes, James "Bucky"

James "Bucky" Barnes

Marvel Universe
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Appears late 20s
Augmented Human
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Bucky Barnes
"Who the hell is Bucky?"


Played by GroundTurkey

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Age: Physically, late 20s, chronologically, 97
Species: Augmented Human
Gender: Male
Canon Point: The end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, maybe a day or two after pulling Steve Rogers from the water.
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Special AbilitiesBucky was treated with a version of the supersoldier serum from attempts to copy that of Steve Rogers. Though not a perfect copy, it was close enough to grant him enhanced strength, durability, agility, etc. All aspects of Bucky's biological physical prowess is judged to be at the absolute peak of what a human being could achieve, and edging beyond it into the beginnings of superhuman. With some effort, Bucky can lift approximately 3-4 tons, run at a moderate clip for hours, and perform sprints at speeds up to 50 MPH.

In addition to this, he has also been fitted with a titanium cybernetic left arm, wired directly into his nervous system that operates nearly as effortlessly as though it were his own flesh arm. This gives him substantially more brute power, as he is able to block a variety of gunfire directly with this arm and shatter through bulletproof glass or break through bonds made of solid steel.

Through training from his previous time in the armed forces and while a tool of HYDRA, Bucky was trained in a variety of martial arts, knife fighting, proficiency in firearms, and long range sniping. In combat against a foe of a similar level of strength and speed, Bucky's advanced level of skill would likely give him the upper hand the majority of the time.

Bucky's training also included stealth, leaving him able to escape from sight quickly when necessary, and piloting, as he has shown knowledge of operation of fighter jets and helicopters. While unlikely to prove useful in Pandora, he also speaks English, Romanian, Russian, and German fluently, and is implied to understand/speak many other Earth languages.

In Pandora, after being experimented on by a doppelganger of Daisy Johnson in Fall 111, Bucky was modified with Inhuman DNA and gained a superpower with an ice sprite comprised from the former mentality of the Winter Soldier in his head, which he can hold in order to channel a degree of ice powers, which thus far are limited to basic crude formations and chilling/freezing of items he touches. With practice, he will gain abilities to form small-to-medium ice constructs and more intricate designs, and chill/freeze a space up to the size of a medium bedroom around himself.

EquipmentKevlar armor HYDRA tactical suit: Bucky was wearing this outfit to battle Steve Rogers on the HYDRA helicarrier, and had not removed it at the time of being pulled into Pandora. Resistant to small arms fire, flexible to allow for full range of motion.

Backpack: Picked up while assaulting a HYDRA base shortly after leaving the scene of the helicarrier battle, empty on arrival.

Ice Sprite: An approximately 10 inch tall bipyramid shape seemingly formed of translucent white ice, with what appears to be a faint blue light inside. Formed from the pseudo-alternate personality of the Winter Soldier formerly in Bucky's mind, used to channel ice powers. Shows faint signs of consciousness, as in reacting to being called on by Bucky, but no signs of higher thought or sentience. Tends to hover around Bucky's head, slightly behind him.


Despite his original supersoldier augmentations taking him to the peak of humanity and the very beginnings of what could be called superhuman, Bucky is still ultimately a human with the usual human weaknesses. Though he shows greater resistance to physical damage than an average person, he can still be beaten down, shot, stabbed, etc.

As well, though extremely skilled as well in many techniques of battle and far more capable than most men, against trained threats of magical or more highly advanced superhuman capacity, Bucky would have little to no chance of actual defense and would likely have to resort to trickery or outright fleeing.

Due to his cyborg nature, Bucky is particularly susceptible to electrical attacks, even to the point of being knocked unconscious by comparatively mild shocks (less than a fully flesh human, not actually mild electricity).

Bucky has suffered a great deal of physical, mental, and psychological trauma, which leaves him withdrawn, unstable, and sometimes unwilling or even unable to be communicative or cooperate with others. This, along with various flashbacks and triggers, leaves him prone to losing control at inopportune times or when placed under extreme stressors.

On being modified with Inhuman DNA, the power Bucky presented came at the cost of the mental signature of the Winter Soldier being removed from his head and pulled into the form of the small crystal that now hovers about Bucky. While this has removed his weakness to the psychological code words that once could have changed him into the soldier, the ensuing mental damage leaves him more prone to more constant suffering from the trauma and mental illness that ensued from HYDRA's torture.

Bucky can only use his ice abilities while holding or making contact with the crystal that contains the consciousness that was once the Winter Soldier, if his hands are restrained or he can't make physical contact to it, he cannot use these powers. Even on using them, his own body becomes the channel for the freezing, which causes him degrees of pain and cold and could conceivably lead to frostbite and injury without care.


Bucky as a person was almost a blank slate on his arrival into Pandora. He was a very short time removed from having all memories and signs of any life outside the Winter Soldier erased. However, as time passed, and his mind and memory began to return, Bucky has become rather withdrawn, almost antisocial, out of a desire to avoid hurting people as he has been forced to do for so long.

However, beyond the tendency to isolate himself and desire to be left alone, Bucky ultimately is a good person who will not stand aside and let people be hurt. Once trust is earned, he is a caring, loyal, and determined friend, willing to step up and assist others even against his own wishes to not become involved. He has also shown a soft spot for children, being far more willing to take steps to care for them over adults.

Years of conditioning and the influences on his personality thank to the supersoldier serum make it difficult for him to act autonomously at times. Bucky would rather follow than lead, but will not hesitate to take charge of a situation if no one else can. However, against someone with a more forceful personality, Bucky tends to roll over and give in, save for the most egregiously wrong or incompetent.

While sometimes sarcastic and deadpan, and not often showing a great amount of emotion, it is clear that this is more of a defense mechanism than an actual stoicism, and signs of the snarky, passionate person he was before his abduction and brainwashing bleed through on the regular. Whether or not Bucky is comfortable enough to show any actual degree of emotion or affection for someone else depends on if they prove worthy of his trust and care.


After an unfortunate encounter with Sachiko Shinozaki in early Autumn 110, Bucky was killed by the ghost girl and had his soul taken from his body and enslaved by her powers. However, his body remaining intact beyond the time that it would take for the deceased to pass attracted the attention of several people, including Misty Day, who retrieved him to revive his body in early Winter 110, soulless though it may be.

After being killed and revived in a short period during the Killing Game in Spring 110, Bucky inexplicably regained his soul, but also wound up accidentally revealing not only the psychological control words over the Winter Soldier, but what the words were, to the whole of the Box.

While trying to recover from this experience, Bucky met Skye, later Daisy Johnson, and experienced a run-in with a version of Steve Rogers as leader of a formation of the Pandora version of HYDRA. After being held captive for several days, Bucky managed to escape with Daisy's help, and was rescued from pursuers by Coco Bandicoot. The two bonded quickly, and have developed something of a mix of a father/daughter and sibling relationship.

After an incident caused the loss of his original metal arm, Bucky received a replacement in black and gold, made of various titanium and donated enhanced metal scraps, built by Coco, of slightly lighter weight but comparable levels of power as the previous. It contains a flashing light in one of the fingers to act as a strobe effect in case of emergency.

After a doppelganger of Daisy Johnson exposed him to Inhuman DNA and terrigenesis, Bucky has gained new abilities, receiving an actual superpower beyond his original enhancements. Bucky, having already struggled somewhat with feelings of inhumanity due to his situation, has felt even more apart from the idea since. While he may occasionally refer to himself as a "mutant" or an "Inhuman" he is still considered as an augmented human.


His feet hit the ground with enough force he can feel it radiate up through his legs, not that it slowed the man any. He’s running hard enough that sweat has settled against the back of his neck, even in the cool night air. Any discomfort he might have with it didn’t linger for long, it was a passing thought that was squashed entirely within seconds.

The man, the Asset, the Soldier, depending on who had referred to him in the past, was rushing out of what most people believed to be the Ideal Federal Savings Bank. Only he and the remnants of what had once been HYDRA knew what was actually inside the building, in the deepest recesses of hidden rooms down secret hallways, far away from any eyes that thought they were just conducting ordinary business.

He wasn't sure why he had even come here. He was only a few hours out from the battle for Project Insight, from losing the fight to stop Captain America, and from dragging said man out of the river and leaving him on the bank, half-drowned, shot, and beaten. His orders had been to kill the man, to stop him, to ensure that HYDRA's plans would go through. He had succeeded in none of that.

But why? That was what kept running through his head. Why hadn't he just let the man die? He'd lost control of his mission, the helicarriers could not complete their work. At the very least, he could have still eliminated Captain America. He could have done that much. But he didn't. He'd jumped from a crashing ship into debris-filled waters, risking his life to fish out the barely-alive body of the man he wanted dead.


The man had called him that. James Buchanan Barnes...Bucky. He had insisted he knew the Asset, insisted that he had a name, that they knew each other, somewhere, somehow, some time. Captain America had insisted on it, kept all but screaming it into his face as they'd fought. Eventually, he'd even refused to fight any more, dropping his shield and simply accepting that his fate was to be killed.

And...he couldn't carry through.

He should have been able to. He should have finished it. The captain himself had said so. And yet...



He just kept moving through the dark city streets, avoiding lights and sticking to alleys and unpopulated areas. He didn't know where he was going, precisely. His instinct had been to report back to HYDRA, inform them of his mission outcome. Instead, he'd lied, then beaten two scientists, before snatching a bag, dumping the extraneous paperwork out of it, and left, destination unknown.

The only thing he knew at this point, the only thing that he could accept...he was Bucky. That was capital letters IMPORTANT. Somehow. Something tickled at the back of his brain, something about that man, that name, his face. He couldn't place it, not yet. The best thing to do would be to just go to ground, and see what he could learn.

Bucky made another turn, down yet another rain-soaked alley, and vanished into the shadows.

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