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Beauty and the Beast (2017)


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I've been wanting to get my BatB thoughts down in writing for awhile now because I have a lot of feelings, so I thought I would start a discussion thread!

I just want to preface this by saying that I completely understand if my opinions don't align with yours. That's totally okay. I understand why people do love this movie. This is just my personal opinion, that's all.

Also, I'm writing this on my phone at work, so I'm sorry for typos and jumbled thoughts.

Visuals: Okay holy crap this movie was visually GORGEOUS! I think the visuals were honestly my favorite part, but I don't think anybody was doubting it would be any less stunning than it was either. :p SO pretty!! The costumes were amazing. Holy crap the dresses at the beginning!!! I also loved most of the little variations on Belle's original blue dress. So cute! The only one that I really wasn't into was the one she wore during Belle, the song. I understand why they made the choice they made for that costume, but it just didn't scream Belle to me.

I didn't like the yellow dress either. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was pretty! It flowed beautifully and I think I did end up enjoying it a little bit more in action during the film. But it wasn't Belle to me. I'm not looking for a dress that's exactly like the original, of course, but they made it look so ... modern?? And it didn't work for me at all.

Music: I'm gonna get to the singing later, but as far as the actual music goes. Did y'all HEAR that orchestra?!?!!?!!!?! Like. WOW! The orchestra that played this film sounded incredible!!! The arrangements were beautiful and I really liked the new songs. Especially Evermore! And I also LOVED the extended section in Gaston with the dancing! I will forever be sad that there was no Human Again, though.

Singing: Okay, so the singing. This is the part that kind of ruined the whole movie for me. For the most part, the singing was really good! Luke and Josh were pure gold as Gaston and Lefou. Even if I tend to prefer a bass/baritone as Gaston because of him ... basically oozing big burly mANLINESS. But having a tenor worked, too! He's not my favorite Gaston in the world, but I still loved him! Audra Mcdonald AKA mY QUEEN. Best voice in the entire movie of course.

The biggest issue with the singing was the production. It was all so overproduced and they autotuned every tiny bit of singing they could get their hands on. They even autotuned the people who COULD sing!

Okay, but let's talk about Belle. I love Emma Watson. She's a wonderful actress, a wonderful person, and she's SO pretty. Seriously, she looked GORGEOUS in this movie even if she didn't really look like Belle to me. But she's not a singer. And I mean, there a lot of movies where that kind of thing works. It worked for La La Land. It worked for The Rock in Moana. But it doesn't work for something like Beauty and the Beast, which requires really big big voices. Like, we're talking broadway voices here.

She didn't convince me acting-wise either. I know she made a lot of decisions about Belle because she wanted to make her more relatable and more real, but ... I mean, this is a magical fairytale! I don't want to be brought back down to earth, I want to be whisked away!! To me, all of the wonder and life in Belle's character was sucked out of her. In the original, she's so passionate and wistful, she's all "dARING SWORDFIGHTS MAGIC SPELLS A PRINCE IN DISGUISE" and she's just sO EXCITED! In the movie, she's just like "it's about two lovers in fair Verona kbye" and I felt about as uninterested as I felt Belle was in comparison to the original character.

Like I said, I love Emma, I really do. She's talented and smart and pretty, but I think that there were a million better choices for this role and most importantly, we needed an actress who could sing! It felt to me like they just cast her for the star power, which is such a shame when they could have brought some new talent on. They did it with Auli'i in Moana and it was SO successful!

There were some storytelling decisions that I wasn't very into either. In the original, there's this mystery surrounding what the prince really looks like because all you get is the stained glass at the beginning and the torn portrait, but the mystery was totally lost for me in the new movie because they showed his face right at the beginning. And then the chemistry was a little bit lacking for me between Belle and the Beast, though I can't really place why. Maybe it was weird pacing?? But it really bothered me how easily he let her go to her father in the new movie, because in the original you could really feel just how conflicted he was and how hard it was for him to grant her her freedom. Watching them reading together and stuff was SO cute though!

Overall, I thought it was fun to watch! But I think that they could have done a lot more justice to this story that is so beloved in the world. I didn't leave the theater with the same magical feeling I had when I watched Cinderella!

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