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February 2nd, Y110

"My, my, my, the semifinals already - how the time flies when you're having fun! Our competitors have come far indeed, and no doubt each of them has many fans cheering them on all across Pandora. Unfortunately, some of those fans are destined to be disappointed, while others will get to see their chosen star reach for the gold in the final bout. What do you think of the odds, Ollak?"

"It's going to be tough to call! Each fighter has shown skill, strength, sharp fighting sense and good old-fashioned intestinal fortitude. Hanzo Shimada versus Mega Man, for example - the dragon's heart and iron soul of a man versus the precision design of a fearless fighting machine! Similarly we have the young star Kanami, growing in skill with every bout, versus the older veteran Kiryu who can handle any scenario - who would want to place odds on either of those fights?"

"Ohh hoho, it's such poetry! And speaking of poetry, we've got a special surprise in store. It's been said that in combat sports, the only true way to get to heaven is to go through hell... and our competitors will find that phrase carries a literal meaning in these next fixtures!"

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