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February 2nd, Y110

"Well, fight fans, this is it - the very last and undoubtedly the greatest contest in our whole tournament. The road has been long and hard for our contestants, and the trials they have passed through would make most ordinary beings quiver in their beds. Of the clutch of fighters we started with, only two remain - Hanzo Shimada and Kazuma Kiryu."

"That's right, Darok. A battle of the two dragons! But which fire-breather will be superior, and which will find themselves quenched - so close to the top, and yet so far from victory?"

"It's funny how things work out, eh, Ollak? Well, fight fans, before we begin the pre-fight analysis we have a short video package to show you, detailing how we got here and paying tribute to those brave souls who put themselves forward for this wonderful, one-of-a-kind contest..."

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This is it!! The finals!!! Dragon versus Dragon... but who will take it in the end??????

Hanzo vs. Kiryu


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I could really use more stuff to do with Palmer, if anyone's interested in plotting?
//So Oscar got Chaotic Good in the legendary Alignment Test. What I do with this information is now a Work in Progress...//
Hey broskis. Sorry I've been borderline AWOL for the better part of a year. Things have been a little meh and I feel like I'm stretched so damn thin right now. I wanna come back and write with you guys again, but idk when that's gonna be. Hope you're all doing well. <3
This is not...lingonberry jam? Who delivered??

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