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Private Bleeding Centria [CW]

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Jonas Albrecht

Werewolf: The Apocalypse
King Albrecht
Chaotic Good
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Jonas gunned the engine of his newly acquired Hennessy Velociraptor 6x6. It was a massive offroader and he needed the extra bed space to carry the industrial fridge he had Julia sleeping her daylight hours in. He tried to take it easy on the rough terrain, but given vampires basically being dead during the day he doubted she could tell. He rolled across another hill and watched the sun lower itself towards the Horizon. Couple more minutes and it would be nighttime and he’d have to wake the Leech Queen. At least the two of them were breaking harmful vampire and werewolf stereotypes. But she and the other Clans were abuzz about a possible Elder that got woken up by the Earthquakes earlier in the year. Whole towns torn apart and drained of blood in the night and something was moving East towards Misty Hollow. And bodies were piling up.

He parked on a hill overlooking the next gas Station, something was off, the air felt tense and while the Chevy Tahoe sitting next to the pumps had its lights on, the door was hanging open and he saw broken glass next to the station window. He figured he should wait for sundown and have Julia back him up...but...

He headed down, the sun just mounting the horizon. He approached with his Klaive stashed in his belt, stepping over a few pieces of broken glass. He peered in the window and saw a mess of fallen shelves, destroyed taste cakes and chips, blood all over the front desk, and he could hear something snarling around the corner and slowly approached. He saw it slumped over the corpse of the attendant, stabbing at him with what was probably at one point his arm bone and was now molded into a sickening blade, he’d seen some clearing Sabbat out of his territory in New York, some Ghoul they molded into something new, not Human but not a Vampire. He drew his Klaive and whistled, making the thing look over its shoulder and rush him, swinging the blade.

- - -

Jonas banged on the fridge lid, leaving two bloody hand prints on the lid. Some of it was his own since the thing clipped him on the side, not too deep and the Gift already healed him. “Wake up! It’s night and vampires don’t oversleep!” In his other hand he held the head and some of the torso of the thing he’d killed.


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