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News Article Body Found In Casade Bay

Oct. 10, 110

CASCADE BAY, Crystal Vales Cascade Bay City Guard say a body showing signs of severe trauma to the neck and abdomen was found on the path just outside the town in the early hours of Oct. 11.

Officers said that they do not yet have any suspects or motives after the discovery of the body, identified as James "Bucky" Barnes, 28, of the Radical Pointe neighborhood of Ark City, Centria. Barnes was pronounced dead on the scene.

City Guard say Barnes was last seen entering a haunted house attraction at approximately 10:30 p.m. after leaving his place of employment in Ark City. No explanation has yet been uncovered for his presence in Cascade Bay. Neighbors say Barnes had only recently arrived to Pandora and settled in Ark City within the last few weeks.

Any citizens with information that could lead to the questioning or apprehension of a potential suspect are asked to contact either the Cascade Bay City Guard, the Radical Pointe Police Precinct, or their local law enforcement.


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