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News Article Breaking: Ark Chancellor Hawkeye killed


Death Stranding
Human with DOOMS

10th July, Year 109

this just in!

Reports have arrived stating that at seven pm on the tenth of July the Ark Chancellors home was destroyed by a large explosion that could be seen throughout Locust Grove residential areas. Emergency services responded to the explosion shortly after and the fires caused by the explosion are now under control. At eleven pm the The detectives on site confirmed that the Ark Chancellor @Riza Hawkeye was inside the property when it exploded and has been killed.

The detectives on site issued this statement of the crime scene "The explosion at the Ark Chancellors home is being viewed as a terrorist attack, as a video was released too detectives proving it as such and we can confirm with great sadness that our Ark Chancellor Riza Hawkeye has been killed in the explosion. Rest assured that said terrorists will face justice for this act of aggression and that we are working hard around the clock too catch them as well as maintain the safety of our city."

The detectives also released pictures of a burned article of clothing that looks like it was once a black hood with some kind of striping on the inside . They state the article of clothing may have been left behind by the bomber and have asked for anyone who might recognise it to come forwards. They continue to speak to witnesses on site such as one of the neighbours who reports "It's such a tragedy, I saw Ms. Hawkeye earlier this evening as I left for my evening jog. Nothing seemed wrong as she arrived home as far as I could tell! So as you can imagine, the explosion was such a shock! I heard the blast and couldn't work out what it was until I saw the smoke, by the time I got here the house was gone."

Ms. Hawkeye served Ark City as Chief of Police before being voted in as Ark Chancellor last year. Known for her fairness and common sense, she was constantly accompanied by her dog Black Hayate, who was her only living family member after her husband, former Arch Chancellor Roy Mustang, was removed from Pandora. In the last months of her life she was instrumental in assisting the police force against attacks from the terrorist in the Golden Mask, preventing at least one of his bombings in the past and possibly more.

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