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Bremusa's Meme/Graphic Market


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Welcome to the Meme Market!

I've recently discovered that I have a love of making simple/funny graphics using Clip Studio Paint, so I thought I'd open up the opportunity for you guys to get some, too! Just for my friends on Pandora, I'll make you all graphics and memes for free. Of course, if you really like my work, then feel free to tip me on Ko-fi!

Simple MemesFound a post online that made you think of a character? Maybe you have an inside joke between you and another member? This tier should cover that! These edits don't usually take that long for me to make, so the turnover is pretty fast.
Simple Meme Examples
[h=7]Simple Meme, Please![/h]
[b]OOC Name:[/b] If requesting characters from another player, list them here, too!
[b]Characters Wanted:[/b] Probably no more than 10?
[b]Link to Post to Use:[/b] Can be a link to the actual post or an image.
[b]Character Images Links:[/b] This is optional, but would help me a lot! Bonus points if the image is transparent.
[b]Anything Else?:[/b]

More Complex GraphicsThese cover avatars, signatures, icons, and memes with more complex effects. Because these involve more effort, the turnout is a little slower.
More Complex Graphic Examples
[h=7]Graphic, Please![/h]
[b]OOC Name:[/b] If requesting characters from another player, list them here, too!
[b]Characters Wanted:[/b] No more than 3!
[b]Type of Graphic Wanted:[/b] Avatar, signature, icon, something else?
[b]Character/Background Images Links:[/b] Transparent character images would work best if you want something with a background.
[b]Effects Wanted:[/b] Text, overlays, sparkles, certain color schemes, something else?
[b]Anything Else?:[/b]

Full-On ArtThis tier is for drawings to use as an avatar, signature, or icon. Because these require the most effort, I have to charge money for them. Please DM me on Discord if you want a commission. I'm in the Pandora server.
Here is my art commission TOS.

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