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Broughton, Lorraine

Lorraine Broughton

Atomic Blonde
True Neutral
Lorraine Broughton
I trust you about as far as I can throw you.

Played by GhostOfHalloweenPast
Fandom: Atomic Blonde
Age: Mid-Thirties
Species: Vampire | Thinblooded Tremere
Gender: Female
Canon Point: when she's flying home with Kurzfeld
NPC Companions: N/A


Mundane Abilities

Espionage & Fight SkillsLorraine was trained in markspersonship, hand to hand combat and spywork. She's working in the field for quite a while now and has an excellent resumé. The secret service has sent her on dozens of missions, involving the extraction of information that could be vital to the country she was working for, escort of valuable human and non-human assets, and the elimination of targets. Lorraine worked closely with operatives of MI6, the Russian KGB and the CIA over the years, and has proven several times that she might not always does what her superiors tell her, but that she gets the job done - even if it's her in her own way. She can deceive masterfully and has done so multiple times to play whole countries against each other, and she knows when others are trying to deceive her. Lorraine also speaks multiple languages like English, Swedish, and Russian, as well as likely others to varying degrees of fluency. Lastly, she can, if necessary, push just that much further, ignoring pain and damage done to her body, in order to metaphorically deal herself better cards, and get out of a situation alive; even in moments where she can barely stand anymore, the spy will fight on, pushing her mental limits to drag her body along.

HackingHaving learnt from the best in Pandora, Lorraine has become highly skilled in coding and digital espionage. She's by no means a master in this ability, but it's enough to hack into semi-secure systems, delete other people's websites, and shut down network-controlled mechanisms, as well as track signals, install and control bugs, and infect devices with viruses if needed.

[stylecolor=3]Vampiric Abilities[/stylecolor]

Enhanced AnatomyWith the Embrace - the bite from a vampire that transforms a mundane into one of them - comes a whole array of changes to the body, most of them useful enhancements to the mundane default. Lorraine is now stronger, faster and more agile, has been gifted with improved physical endurance, enhanced senses and reflexes, as well as two pairs of deadly fangs - one pair in the upper and lower jaw each. She will not age any further and is mostly immune to almost any sickness mundanes can suffer from. Her healing acts accelerated, especially after she's recently fed on blood, and while there are wounds too severe to be healed quickly enough, she can take a lot of injuries before succumbing to them.

BloodmagicAs a vampire of one of the Tremere bloodlines, a clan made up of warlocks that turned themselves into vampires with a complex ritual centuries ago, Lorraine has access to certain kinds of bloodmagic, which depend on the specific bloodline she was sired into and the people teaching her; in her case, the Embrace gifted her with the Obtenebration discipline, a form of blood-based umbrakinesis. She can control shadows and darkness, and will, with enough practice, learn how to create temporary objects made from shadows and how to turn into a cloud of darkness herself. Her innate connection to magic makes it easier for her to learn other bloodmagic traditions and disciplines like the mainclan-specific Thaumaturgy.

AuspexAnother discipline she's gained as a vampire belonging to a Tremere bloodline, is Auspex, which allows her to further enhance her senses. When used, she is able to sense kine and kindred - mundanes and vampires - alike, even through thick walls, can perceive ghosts and other beings "behind the veil", and read the auras of people, as well as notice when someone lies to her. With enough practice, she can learn to channel Auspex into telepathy, empathy and astral travel, though only to a certain degree, as well as into the ability to read the resonance or magical residue things give off, even long after the original source of magic has left them. Latter enables her to receive visions from simply touching objects.

TelekinesisAlso called Mentalism. One of the abilities exclusive to Thinbloods aka vampires of the 14th generation and higher, whose amount of vampire vitae in their blood is so diluted, that they have troubles using most abilities at all; this however enables them to pick up one from a small bunch of other abilities. Lorraine's chosen to train the telekinetic powers, rather than turning into a bat or mist. With it, she can move things with her mind, and, with more training (and energy spent) also people, to the point of potentially flinging them around like ragdolls.

TorporWhen wounded badly — or so old that she would want to sleep for a few centuries to see what the future brings (though in this case voluntarily) — Lorraine falls into a trance that enables her body to recover much much faster than even sleep would. This can last between a day and a few days, depending on severity, is usually a shock response, and she can barely be woken up from or drag herself mentally out of it.


Humanity & Final DeathAt the end of the day, Lorraine is very much still human though. Despite her blood diet, and the neat and powerful healing factor, she's far from invincible. Anything severing her head or neck to the point of destruction, and anything that stakes her heart, will kill her (which is called Final Death). She can't regrow limbs unless she finds special rituals to do or partake in. While she is more mildly allergic to the sun, compared to her fullblooded siblings, who die when the sun as much as touches them, it still gives her great discomfort to be outside when the sun is too, and to be fully bathed in sunlight for too long will just as much start to burn her up. She's also easily flammable. Further, Lorraine still has to take care of her needs like sleep (even if she tires slower), hunger (even if she's drinking blood now), and mental safety.

Diet & FrenzyThe Embrace changed Lorraine's diet. Instead of mundane food, she has to consume mundane blood now, to keep herself upright and healthy. Blood bags are fine, drinking animal blood is okay too for a while, but nothing sates her hunger more, than to drink from a live vein. If starved of mundane blood for too long, or whenever she uses her abilities too excessively - which use her blood as an energy pool - Lorraine can and will fall into a frenzy, where she attacks everyone on sight, just to get even the smallest drop of blood. Which is why she should make sure to drink enough and regularly! Since she's a thinblood, Lorraine can eat human food, but sooner or later it will come back up because her body rejects it, even if not half as much as the body of a fullblood would.

PleasureOn a different note, there is a shift in the definition of what pleasure means for an embraced vampire. While they are not unable to have sex, and can still receive satisfaction from it, such kinds of fun pale against the pleasure received from drinking blood. The so-called Kiss or bite is pleasant for both kindred and kine, and some kine may get addicted to it after a while.

ThinbloodSome vampires say, Thinbloods are the first symptom of their race's doom. They bring bad luck and are unwanted at best among kindred, others kill them on sight. All superstition and societal problems aside though, Thinbloods are simply weaker than the vampires they've been sired from. They need to use up more blood to use abilities, can't learn skills above a certain level, usually can't sire other people - though there have been exceptions where it does work - and are generally just something in between that will never be fully this or the other.

Clan WeaknessThe Tremere clan has, for the longest time, used so-called blood bonds to bind their members to the seven highest-ranking members of their church, also called the Seven, which effectively made them all part of a really huge group and bloodline, and strengthened each member's connection to the clan. With time, though, the ability to bind another vampire to oneself by either drinking their blood a number of times, or letting them drink from one's blood, was lost to the clan. Nowadays, they bind their members with a blood ritual, but only those members that have shown great loyalty to the clan, are eager to ascend inside the so-called Pyramid, and learn the greater knowledge awaiting them. To bind someone that way ensures dependency on the one whose blood is consumed. Lorraine, even further down that bloodline, can't even create ghouls (which are mortals that are fed one specific vampire's blood to create a submissive servant).
The Tremere are further compulsively perfectionist. While that effect is weakened due to the diluted vampire vitae in Lorraine's blood, it still has an effect on her.


Lorraine Broughton is, on first glance, a cold, controlled woman, who does whatever it takes to get the job done. That layer of ice is thick and she barely trusts anybody quickly. If someone tries to read her, they rarely succeed. She has no issues with violence and will kill if necessary. Her moral compass isn't exactly intact either, and while Lorraine doesn't go out of her way to hunt down people for the thrill or fun of it, she has committed quite a few acts of unnecessary murder, justifying it with the fact that she had to make a quick decision, and she is hardly innocent.

Dig deeper though, and you find a warm, soft core, buried under those tons of ice. Lorraine cares about doing what she sees as the right thing, and she comes to care about certain people at times. There is a specific warmth about her then, sometimes even accompanied with a genuine smile and a strong sense of protection. Her trust isn't earned easily and only a few have come to see this side of her. Sometimes, Lorraine feels as if she's cursed even - people she starts to care about, people who come too close to her, rarely stay alive for long, causing her to struggle with letting anyone close.

Lastly, Lorraine is a very independent person. After years of deceit and lies she had to build her life and relationships upon, due to her job, she feels the safest when it's her own plan, that's been carried out. She hates the uncertainty that comes with being a spy - a triple agent even, in her case - and the inability to trust people easily because that would mean making herself vulnerable to them and the game they're playing. Lorraine has to keep up her act in front of her superiors, but the walls crumble around people she trusts - like with her lover Delphine. She feels lonely at times and wants to leave this kind of life behind so badly, and yet she keeps going, out of reasons she herself isn't entirely sure about.


Man, wer hätte das gedacht? Dass es einmal soweit kommt, wegen 99 Luftballons?*

Somewhere in the distance, someone was letting the radio play songs Lorraine knew all too well; not that she actively listened. The firework and cheering outside got drowned out by her own heartbeat. While Berlin was celebrating the fall of the wall that had divided them for so long, a platinum-blonde woman had sunken to the floor of a tiny apartment, face buried in her hands and tears smearing her mascara against her palms. Every single bone in her body seemed to ache, black and blue bruises forming everywhere, especially in her face and on her shoulders. She could taste copper on her lips still and smell the smoke of the gunfire. At least none of those Russian agents had managed to hit her with their bullets - but what kind of consolation was that, when--

You should've become a poet. Or a rockstar. Such a naive, young woman Delphine was. Had been. Past tense. Leave the city, she'd told her. Those kind of relationships aren't real. A lie she had felt necessary to tell. Maybe to protect the inexperienced French agent from the world she had chosen to live in by signing her job contract with the French intelligence agency a year ago. Maybe, because a gut feeling had told her that this one wouldn't end well. Maybe, because she'd cared too much, seen too much of herself in her - the still intact innocence, the still thriving idealism, the fear and nervousness. Maybe, because Lorraine simply hadn't wanted to lose another person close to her. Another lover in this cruel world.

Well, that had worked out just fucking great, hadn't it?

Delphine's unmoving, dead body lay mere feet away from her; Lorraine could see the strangulation marks turn black and blue. She remembered how alive the Frenchwoman had felt like beneath her hands, beneath her passionate, lustful movements. How gently, she had cuddled herself against Lorraine, whispering the sweetest things into her ear. Hell, Lorraine could taste the cigarette smoke on her tongue even, staring at the young woman who'd joined the whole thing because 'it sounded exciting' - what a horribly naive thing. And what an awfully beautiful soul. One Lorraine could've started a life with. Perhaps. Maybe. She doubted it would've worked either way - agents were weapons after all, and weapons couldn't find peace. This thing between them had been doomed from the start, but when Delphine hadn't listened, Lorraine had started to hope that, for once, all those sweet nothings and the prospects of a future were real. Meant something. That, for fucking once, the people closest to her stayed alive. She should've known better.

She fucking should've known better.

*Who could've thought? That something like this would happen, because of 99 balloons?
- 99 Luftballons by Nena
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