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News Article Brutal coastal attacks rattle Cascade Bay


July 9th - July 29th

Residents of Cascade Bay are being advised to take dire caution while swimming locally. Reports of several bodies washing up on shore across the region have come in -- initially reported as victims of an alleged shark attack. Closer inspection of the bodies has experts citing some discrepancies, however -- the various bite marks left on the victims do not exactly align with any known shark species, and the other wounds present (undisclosed, but rumored to be quite severe) have also been deemed impossible for a shark to inflict. There seems to be some kind of unknown sea monster haunting the waters of the Bay, and until the creature (or person) is identified and caught, it may be best to think before you swim.


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Post hoarding this weekend as I’m not feeling too hot!
Thancred Waters wrote on Ruby Rose's profile.
Well, well, well. Look what the cat metaphorical and/or literal god dragged in.
Went to school for 14 years just to never use 80% of of what they taught me. Crazy.
Daniela Dimitrescu wrote on Bela Dimitrescu's profile.
Bela!!!!!!!!! i've missed you so much ;;

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