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News Article Bugman's Celebrates First Three Months

Josef Bugman

Cascade Bay, ironically
183 years old
Male (He/Him)
4ft 5in
Master Brewer/Ranger
Lawful Good

October 3rd, Y110

From the pages of the Cascade Bay Chronicle

Celebrating its third month of business, Bugman’s Brewery has announced a new beer brewed in honour of the Head of the Mercantile Coterie, @Sinbad. Called “Endless Gold,” this beer was brewed to reflect the prosperity and good business sense of Cascade Bay’s foremost trade expert.

When asked what motivated such a gesture, brewery master Josef Bugman had this to say:

“A wise hand at the tiller is necessary for the prosperity of all. Now, young master Sinbad may not have the length of beard one might expect from such an important figure, but he’s a good and fair fellow who will deal with you honestly. These are the right qualities to look for in a master merchant, and it is my way to show proper respect to those who have helped me.”

We had also asked Sinbad, who wanted to state:

“The Mercantile Coterie’s duties aren’t only to set down trade routes and create economic policies. Our priority is to support the people of Cascade Bay, regardless of if they’re consumers or creators. It’s with my immense pleasure that we were able to support Josef and his brewery so that he can share his craft with the rest of our community and bring them together. As he once told me, it’s not something to be hoarded but shared. It’s good people like him that make life in Pandora a bit more special, and I’m happy to be able to help not only him, but any other that comes to the Mercantile Coterie.”

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