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Rand al'Thor


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Rand's arrival in the place he'd learned was called Pandora had been a few days past, and still he felt like he understood nothing about what it was, exactly. He'd learned from a few careful questions that it wasn't somewhere that you went, really, it was somewhere you just ended up, and nobody else was much more certain than he was on the exact rules or situations that resulted in being brought there. What he had picked up on, however, was that not everyone came from the same world. Not in the way that he'd initially assumed, as the only other worlds that he knew of were the ones that he'd glimpsed through the portal stone, but ones that had no idea about the Wheel of Time, the Dark One, or the Dragon Reborn.

He couldn't decide whether he was worried or relieved.

It hadn't taken him long to find himself in a town called Misty Hollow, though he hardly would have though to call it just a town, at first. It was full of things that he'd only ever seen in dreams and visions, things from ages past, as he'd seen in Rhuidean, that they'd simply forgotten by his time. He'd almost turned around to go back the way he'd came from, but the people didn't seem all too different to any others, and finding somewhere to stay for the night had been easier than he would have expected. He'd even started to adjust to how... different it all was, by the early morning when he decided to move on once again. What his wanderings were leading him to, he couldn't say. Perhaps nothing, but all he knew was that he had to be doing something. Rand wasn't sure if he could live with himself if he wasn't.

Pulling his cloak tight around him against the chill of the early morning mist, Rand ignored the odd looks from the passing townspeople, all of whom had a significantly different way of dressing, as he began to head down the street to find a way out of the town, reluctant to stay in one place for too long. As ta'veren, odd occurrences had a tendency to follow him, even here, and he didn't want to stir up enough trouble to draw any more attention to himself than was necessary. Taking a quick route through what looked to be a side alley, he stopped at the sound of footsteps approaching from behind him, far closer and far quicker than they had any right to, as he'd gotten into the habit of checking to see if he was being followed. He stood his ground, and without turning around, wrestled for saidin, the glow of the Power enveloping him once more, even as the taint twisted his stomach.

"You don't want to do this." He spoke, keeping his voice even, readying himself to seize whoever was behind him with a flow of Air to keep them in place, if necessary.


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