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Calan Mai: Misty Hollow Spring Festival


Plots & Events Division

Calan Mai

Welcome summer with Misty Hollow!

On May 31st of every year, there is a celebration of the Summer Solstice in Misty Hollow. A festival is thrown within the confines of the otherwise sleepy town, and all the inhabitants of the town participate with gusto! It begins early in the morning when the sun rises on the 31st and does not end until well after midnight.

Food stalls, things to buy, contests, games, prizes galore! There's something for everyone including one giant bonfire after night falls and fireworks at midnight! Skies are slightly misty, as is natural in Misty Hollow, but there is a phenomenon in Pandora that can only be observed on the night where the season changes from Spring to Summer. Despite how it may appear in other parts of the world that night, the moon is a vivid bright orange. Beautiful and eerie, it's the perfect backdrop for a slightly spooky summer festival!

Bring your loved ones or come by yourself! Welcome Summer to Pandora with Misty Hollow with the Calan Mai festival!

How to Join: Date a thread for May 31st in Misty Hollow or post in one of the event threads.
Location: Misty Hollow!
Timeframe (In Character): May 31st into the early hours of June 1st. (All threads must start on the 31st!)
Questions?: Questions channel, my DMs, PMs, etc!
Notes: Please note that nothing festival *breaking* can happen during this event! No sudden fires that would burn everything down or murders or things of that nature. If you're going to do something that would stop this event in any logical way, please choose another location or time to do so! This is meant to be a fun, light event. <3

Please respond to this thread with a link to your character enjoying the festival to receive this medal:

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Plots & Events Division
Time Line of Events
10 AM: Festival opens to the public.
12 PM: Log rolling contest
1 PM: Axe throwing contest
2 PM: Musical performance in the center of the festival.
3 PM: Obstacle course contest
4 PM: Eating Contest
5 PM: Three Legged Race
6 PM: Mud Wrestling Contest
7PM: Sun set begins
8 PM: Spirit Hunt
9PM: Bonfire is lit
10PM: Moon rises
12AM: Fireworks
2AM: Festival is closed and everyone is told to go home.

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