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About MeI'm Machina, I've been doing RP on-and-off for a few years now. I'm a gaming and tokusatsu nerd (mostly the former) and I've been following (read:stalking) this site for a while, but I either didn't know what character I wanted to app or I was still without a computer, because trying to do all this on a phone would probably be absolute murder...

Roleplay PreferencesI greatly prefer quality over quantity, and I try to keep my posts as descriptive as possible without making the whole thread just drag on, while making sure it's not too short for whoever I'm in a thread with. I don't have much preference over what kind of thread I'm doing, action, shipping, even the characters just hanging out, I'm down for anything.

LimitsI don't think I have much in the way of limits, aside from lemon threads. If it ever comes to that, I'd prefer doing a fade-to-black instead of writing out the characters getting it on. I don't mind darker themes as long as they're not done carelessly, or for the sake of making the thread more "entertaining." If the thread's gonna get dark, the events leading up to it should make sense, not just be slapped onto the thread haphazardly.

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Shinjiro Hayata


The successor to one of pop-culture's greatest heroes, Shinjiro is a new superhero in Pandopolis City, and he's ready to make his mark! Though he's still adjusting to Pandora, he plans to make the best of his situation and become worthy of calling himself Ultraman.

Shinjiro is a kind young man, driven to follow in the footsteps of his father, Shin Hayata, host of the original Ultraman. He is a peaceful sort, never seeking battle, and preferring to reason with his enemies if he is able to, but don't mistake his kind-hearted nature for weakness. He WILL fight if he needs to, and if you're unlucky enough to make him angry, if you make him use his full power, you WILL regret it. After all, demons run when a good man goes to war...

That's not to say he's dangerous. In fact, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. But he's a bit reluctant to open up to people. He grew up with his powers, and took every opportunity he had to hide his abilities, from both his friends and his family, out of fear that he'd be seen as a freak of nature. As a result, he's had a bit of a lonely childhood, always worried that if he got close to people, they'd abandon him once they found out about his powers. So would you kindly throw some plots his way and be his friend? Or maybe you're not the type to make friends, and see this new hero, 'Ultraman,' as a threat to stomp out, for whatever reason?

Plot Hooks
  • Other Superheroes, of course! Back home, there were two others vying for the title of Ultraman, and his relationship with them was... rocky, to say the least. One was a cold-blooded butcher, and while the other was more lighthearted, he and Shinjiro had different ideas on what it meant to be Ultraman. Shinjiro would appreciate knowing other heroes who weren't at odds with him for a change.
  • Villains, because what superhero is complete without a rogues gallery to do battle with?
  • Allies, meaning those without powers who either figure out Shinjiro is Ultraman, or fall victim to what I've dubbed the "Clark Kent' effect, which alludes to moments when one's alter ego is obvious, but it goes right over another person's head.
  • Friends!... Please? He really needs friends...
  • And finally, the love interest. Back home, Shinjiro had his eye on a girl named Rena Endou, but I think she friend-zoned him near the end of the season. So he's very much open for another girl to catch his eye, or maybe the other way around? Who knows?

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