By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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Centria: Locations

The Pantheon


Ark City Locations



Looks comparatively small from the outside, but once you're inside this combined bookstore and library, it suddenly feels a lot bigger than you would've assumed it to be. Due to the nature of Pandora, you can find books from almost any realm in there. They also offer a place to sleep, shower & eat to the homeless, if you're willing to babysit their cats for a while.


A small and unassuming cafe that specializes in weird blends of coffee and tea. Curry always on the menu, with a rotating selection of pun-themed items that come and go on a whim. Pet and smoking friendly.


An apothecary with a traditional wooden interior where people can find both regular and magical medicine. The building contains a room where magical potions are concocted, accessible only by the staff. Some claim to have heard strange things coming out of that room, but nobody has been able to uncover anything so far. It also has a branch in Misty Hollow.


The Lantern Lounge is a restaurant and gathering spot owned by Hal Jordan. It offers an extensive amount of American cuisines and booze in the restaurant portion of the establishment. As it's also a gathering spot, it has countless private rooms with televisions, gaming systems, and couches so customers can enjoy themselves. With waitresses prepared to take their orders with just a single push of a button.


A friendly and welcoming adoption agency in a little corner of the subset. Patrons may pay to be in this cat sanctuary by the hour. They may also sponsor or adopt any kitty of their choice. Because the building was once a restaurant, there is a large kitchen set away from the cat room. This ensures that their food and treats are freshly made so that even the tiniest or oldest cats can get their proper nutrition. There is a small menu for people to enjoy, and there are treats for sale to take to their own pets back home. The floor above where the cats roam, however, is off limits.


Every city has unfortunate children without a family to call their own and Ark City's own Levitton district is home to the welcoming Sunshine Orphanage. This Japanese stylized home is more than just a shelter for children and is aimed to welcome minors from all walks of life and become the family they've lost or never had.



To the general public, the tower is one of the many skyscrapers that make up Ark City's skyline - for those who can see through the glamour though, the Amethyst appears to be made entirely of said gem; if that is the case or if it's just purple tinted glass, nobody may ever know. The tower is run by a young demon and caters to the needs of a wide range of supernatural beings, offering temporary housing, an animal daycare, portals to other cities, an extensive archive, and, most importantly, many jobs, tailored specifically to certain species.


A three-floor building with South-French flair, housing a modern clothes store on the first floor, an art studio and model agency office on the second one, and a cozy loft apartment directly under the roof, on roughly 250 square meters total. The owner, Mademoiselle Fabiénne Azaïs, with the help of her assistant Miló Antoine Trouvé, designs and sews rather unique dresses and suits, as well as more basic clothes, while keeping the prizes affordable. The agency on the second floor oversees Azaïs' models and does its own photoshoots; especially people who are usually rejected by regular human agencies, seem to find a place here.


Future Airlines is a service on the outskirts of Ark City that specializes in the defense of Centria's skies, transport and delivery, taking advantage of the vast Cadenza Expanse. Along with the planes, it's an open garage and also houses a workshop area for the team. It is accompanied by a scrap yard and a runway lined with solar-operated pot-lights. Be wary on test days, when a sign is usually posted in the front warning any passers-by of possible explosions or controlled fires at the testing range, which is stocked with blast shields, but is a safe distance from the town. Mostly.


A prestigious and out of the box film company that brings all of your wildest dreams to the silverscreen. Their fame originates from a critically acclaimed franchise that experimentally combined the period drama with the science fiction epic to bring Pandora their hit film of the century. The lot is open to the public every weekday for guided tours.


Hotel Valentino is an art deco hotel and cocktail bar. Like stepping back into the ultra-streamlined 1930's, the Hotel Valentino offers 115 rooms from standard to luxury, a swimming pool and a cocktail bar. Aggressively not advertised is the mysterious 4th floor. It seems to come and go as it wishes; guests tending to disappear if they so happen to find themselves there.
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A growing law firm with a professional team and high ethics, you can count on The Law Offices of Charles L. McGill to have your legal interests at heart. Each client will be treated with the utmost care.


The Nuka Cola Plant is a moderately sized factory. It consists of a large cement building with a large rocket on the top with a pinup space girl sign riding said rocket and holding a bottle of Nuka Cola. The inside consists of the lobby for guests and tour groups to enter into, the mixing vats, the bottling lines, the offices, and one secret room that holds the key ingredient to Nuka Cola Quantum. On display in the lobby are the current for sale flavors of Nuka Cola: Original, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Wild, Nuka Dark, Nuka Grape, Nuka Orange, Nuka Clear, and Raspberry Nuka.


A supehero themed restaurant where the servers dress as super heroes known around Pandora, serving specialized foods based around the many superheroes and villains that have been sited all over Pandora's Box, the first in an experimental chain of themed restaurants in a joint venture of Wayne Tech's entertainment division and The Clinkerbrick Culinary Company. Ingredients are sourced from farms in Centria and Pandopolis and are made as fresh as possible, with baked goods being replaced every morning and coffee being brewed every hour.


A small building that harbors Shield Me storage but also a nice office for those who work within the building and for the company itself, this will be the center deliveries within Ark City and most of Centria that resides closer to the city itself. Sitting in the safety of Marble Hill, this office/storage space is likely not given a second look like another building within the numerous that reside within the town.


Using his fake reputation as an award-winning magician, and a well-known queer and lifestyle idol, Eliot Waugh has opened up his office to all those who desire to change their ways of living. He's here, he's queer, he's magical, and he's ready to spice up your life and help you become the person you've always wanted to be. More than just a life coach - Waugh is a flourisher. He'll flair up your house, your wardrobe, and your everyday life (for the right price). Just give him a call, or drop by the office - he's definitely your man.


Never one to rest on his laurels, Tony Stark created his own tech company. He wants his own name on the building, sure, but his goal is ultimately to bring competition and innovation in the fields of robotics, bioengineering, medical technology, and weaponry.


With a motto like "Security with Substantiality", S&S security promises Pandora's most premiere, private service with a smile and efficiency you can get nowhere else, with the company offering protection using its' agents unique, powerful, and near superhuman skills to the fullest for your benefit for little to nothing out of pocket. With great power... you know the rest! In secret, the security firm is a safehaven for those with superhuman abilities who feel unsafe with their powers and need a place to perfect and help themselves. It also offers "apprenticeships" to those under the legal working age of Pandora.


A start-up company with huge goals: becoming the leading supplier of high-end technology. For now, they're focused on offering modern gadgets to the everyday person...mostly. Behind closed doors, in underground levels of the factory, a different kind of science is being practiced; from nanobots, over human engineering, to robotics, Weyland Technologies is trying to get their foot into basically every door there is. This isn't to say they're very successful at it yet, but despair and greed are awful motivators, so who can really predict where they'll stand tomorrow?



Ark City's local insect house that provides a home to a variety of winged insects from all kinds of dimensions and planets, such as: dragonflies, moths, butterflies, damselflies, colorful bugs, mayflies or praying mantises. The insects are divided into groups, each of which have their own separate dome in the building. The Ark of Wings offers educational tours for groups and schools, and is opened at night twice a week for all those who are unable to make it during the day.


An organic smoothie and juice bar. It is famous for its cactus juice specials; it's the quenchiest! Also all employees know too much about succulent plants, and will rattle them off at you, unprompted. Great ready to learn some useless fun facts


A tiny little voodoo shop that sells various spells, tomes, charms and various antiques. It's run by an old woman named Cynthia who isn't nice to strangers, but is willing to trade for quality merchandise. She also has a selection of books on monsters and other supernatural occurrences. Cynthia can also perform horoscopes for a small fee.


Inspired by a stray Chow Chow that he later adopted and named Dusty, @Jesse McCree decided it was high time that Pandora had a shelter for stray dogs. Occasionally, it doubles as a doggy daycare when there's space available. Each dog has their own personalized toy box and a big enough space to play and climb around. Every room also has a doggy door in the back leading outside to a fenced off yard with plenty of room to run around. Meet Dusty!


A picturesque building surrounded by azalea and camellia bushes, James’s Bistro is a popular restaurant with a menu centering around Louisiana’s regional dishes. This establishment offers a traditional Southern breakfast, in addition to a lunch and evening menu. Dishes such as shrimp creole, etouffee and gumbo are only some of the options with po’ boys, muffulettas and pralines offered among other things.


Officially a cheery and friendly Mexican restaurant, The Magic Taco is actually a front for a brothel. The downstairs décor is tasteful, if bright to Western eyes. Upstairs is slightly less so, with haphazardly placed furniture in the reception. The rooms contain beds and a variety of sexual appliances. Madame Abelina is very protective of her employees and anyone found causing trouble for them will be summarily ejected.


M-Ark for short, this retail chain has 20 stores and counting scattered all over the city, selling anything from produce and groceries, over drugstore articles and cleaning supplies, up to books, CDs and small electronics. As is usual in Ark City, the groceries range from mundane to specifically made for the supernatural population — it's not at all uncommon to find blood-smoothies right next to the fruit ones, or fairy sweets in a box above the chocolate chip cookies, and definitely nobody bats an eye about someone buying Wolvengem's newest shampoo.


Pronounced "Narukami", this quaint craft store sells craft supplies as well as finished pieces made with pretty much every medium under the vast Pandoran sky. It is brightly lit to showcase the pieces and has warm colors and many shelves and how-to books. There is also a workstation that hosts classes and a special set of shelving for the patrons to sell their own creations through the shop for a small handling fee. Fun fact: the kanji that replaces the word "kami" in the name is the Japanese figure for Paper.


Sitting dead in the center of Ark City, it practically is its own town. The mall has just about everything you can imagine, from hundreds of shops, restaurants and arcades, to a movie cinema, swimming pool, indoor amusement park and a casino. Open courtyards and a rooftop patio offer a reprieve from the bustle of shopping. Towering up on the north side is the residential area, a block of apartments ranging from basic units to luxury suites.


A halfway house with a signature cross sign dedicated to housing newcomers to Pandora who struggle with illness, addiction, mental affliction, or just the unfortunate circumstance of winding up in an alternate dimension. The rules are simple: have fun, be yourself, and respect your fellow residents! What happens in New Beginnings, however, stays in New Beginnings. You wouldn't want to make your hostess upset sharing secrets, after all.


A small modern ramen shop which offers customers the finest homemade Japanese cuisine, ranging from sushi and ramen, to gyoza and salmon tartare. A trendy new family business where one can spend a jolly good time in, whether it's just to sit down and chat or enjoy some fresh steaming bowl of ramen.


A quaint little flower shop that specializes in meaningful bouquets and flower decor, with an astrology/tarot sort of theme to it.


A subsidiary of the Okumura Foods brand meant mostly for external and fanciful catering, this wide kitchen and small diner combo has a rustic steakhouse atmosphere with an expansively eclectic selection of finger food appetizers, single dinner meals, and a comforting down-home staff made to make you feel welcome. The kitchen is expansive and kept well stocked, while the front dining hall offers a small, but worthwhile section of wine choices for the "big spenders." Ask about the Poblano Slammers!


A Kentucky Fried restaurant that serves fast meals of chicken and other foods to people using a recipe handed down to one Colonel Sanders by his family, he's taken care of, how the place looks and likes the semi-refined but approachable nature. People will line up to a cashier/server to ask for what they want from his vast menu of goods, many involve chicken while others just accompany the Kentucky Fried Chicken. There will be a sitting area inside the building as well as a small area outside as well, for people who choose to enjoy either way of eating their delicious food.



A 1950s style lounge bar, The Cat’s Meow is a modest affair during the day with just an elegantly scripted sign to let people know where it is. When night falls, however, spotlights draw attention to the door. With an interior just the right side of sleazy, red curtains and carpet paint a glamorously elegant picture. Performers take the stage above a hardwood dance floor lined by tables perfect for customers’ viewing pleasure.


Ever wanted to go out for milkshakes, but couldn't find a café that sells them so your vampiric sweetheart can drink them too? Ever wondered where you could order werewolf-friendly chocolate biscuits? Or did you need a place where your adopted fairy daughter could eat without risking to hurt her sensitive stomach? Look no further! At the Cryptid, both mundane and supernatural lovers of baked goods and sweet beverages will find their new favourite - and that's a promise!


The alley behind The Haven leads to an entrance of lights and music starting at 9pm. This dance club is chic and in vogue and one of the hottest places to be in Pandora Town. Irene Adler's high-end escort service also runs out of Elusion as well. Open Wednesday through Sunday, the dress code is classy. Owned and operated by @Irene Adler & @James McGill and attached to The Haven.


A repurposed, run-down café converted into a quiet little bar with a relaxed, quiet jazz ambiance in the background. Tucked away from public view, it's a more upmarket place for a drink without the hassel of a nightclub or the rabble found in most other bars. Rumour has it that there are other services available that the authorities might not look to kindly upon, but you didn't hear that from me.


True to its name, this drive-in theatre has an out of this world theme! With stars and planets printed on concession packaging and the tradition of the drive-in, it harkens back to the American 50’s, where space travel was popular news and the monster movie was the perfect opportunity to hold your sweetheart close. The movie starts just after dark with a double feature every Friday and Saturday night!


A British style pub that is rustic and welcoming, it's the perfect spot for a quiet pint and lunch or dinner with friends. Featuring mismatching tables and chairs, a warmth hearth, and traditional United Kingdom dishes, the Brits, Scots, and Irish of Pandora will feel right at home. Owned and operated by @Irene Adler & @James McGill and attached to Elusion.


As company focusing on virtual games this one combined its office building with an Virtual Reality Arcade. There you can dive deep into the world of Warcross, compete against others in a elaborated game of capture-the-flag or just discover endless new landscapes. Working with a direct brainlink all one needs is to put on the VR gloves and glasses to start. Calibrating and registering as a player takes mere seconds and the game will remember you the next time. The equipment can be purchased and used to log in from anywhere with a working internet connection.


Cozy bar/pub owned by @Jo Harvelle with exposed wood beams and stone walls. Good quality drinks, not the best food, but good prices. Open from 3PM-2AM every day of the week. Known location for information gathering.


The roaring 20’s are back in full swing at Foxy’s. With a variety of themed nights, you can get your jazz, swing, ballroom, or jive on every night of the week! The art deco styled ballroom looks like something straight out of a flapper’s dream. Don’t mistake this for your modern dance club though, there will be no twerking at Foxy’s, only classy dancing. She will literally chase you out with a broom, if you try it.


Looking for the best pizza, chicken and sodas in Pandora? Look no further! Petey's Pizza is widely regarded as the best New York-style pizzeria in town, and has earned glowing testimonials from a wide variety of customers. Whether eating in or taking away, the service is excellent, and the food is fresh, delicious and reasonably priced. Nobody knows precisely when Petey's opened for business or exactly how Petey himself manages to run the place on his own, but he's such a nice guy that nobody wants to meddle in his affairs. Besides, the food's great, so who cares?


Run and owned by @Thea Queen and modeled after the nightclub she owned in her homeworld, Verdant caters to a younger demographic. Known for being affordable and accessible, and running hours from 7pm to 3am. The latest hits, great food, and cheapish drinks are all available there, a VIP lounge catering to a more exclusive clientele. Verdant is known for a non-judgemental employment scheme. Reformed villains, ex-drug addicts, Thea is known to employ all of them, provided they stay clean. Oh, and there's nothing in the basement. It's definitely not a secret base, and Thea is definitely not a vigilante.


The primary gossip tabloid in Pandora can be found in this building in Ark City. All the juiciest gossip, whether with named sources or not, comes out of their weekly magazine releases and can be purchased at most common locations (stores, gas stations, etc).


An adult store that sells superhero themed products related to adult or erotic entertainment. It's filled with products based on all sorts of heroes, ranging from men to women all to satisfy your needs and fulfill your pleasures.

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The Pantheon


Misty Hollow

Misty Hollow is a modern New England-style town located deep within the heart of Adagio Grove.


Dusk Row lines the edge of Misty Hollow, and where a majority of the residents of the city rest their heads. It sits the closest to the forest, and is easily the most quiet part of town. Midday when most people are off in Crowchester for work and school, Dusk Row tends to be still.


An ancient cemetery used to remember those who no longer reside in Pandora. While bodies disappear within two weeks of someone dying, headstones are still set within this well-maintained plot of land to remember those who are no longer with us. Some are old enough that the names are worn down, while others are recent. This cemetery is on the very edge of town, next to the forest. It's not recommended to go there at night.


With both traditional as well as magical-based doctors alike, most of MIsty Hollow's medical care comes from this humble building on the edge of town. While small, they try to keep both their practices and equipment up to date.


Where the Dusk Row police force calls home. Inside you can normally find basic supernatural deterrents if you have problems with ghosts and the like. Sage, salt, and other things are always on hand. Also, obviously, police officers.


Crowchester is the core of Misty Hollow, and considered a 'downtown' of sorts. It's a common sight to see people walking up and down the streets, going from business to business. Crowchester also has a few roads that are meant for pedestrians only - meant to encourage a quiet and walking-friendly area around the core of the city.


The Crooked Tree is located in the center of town, and it's been there for as long as people remember. Those who are sensitive to the supernatural always get a chill whenever they walk past it, and some have even remarked that they've seen ghostly shapes hanging from the branches or embedded in the tree's twisted, gnarled roots. Rumor has it that it produces the mists the town gets its name from, and that its sap isn't sap at all, but blood. Due to the number of disappearances that have occurred around the tree, it's best to steer clear of it. It's been cordoned off for people's safety, but that doesn't stop curious people with no sense of self-preservation from trying to get close.


One of the largest buildings in town. This is the place where most town discussions are held, notices are posted, events celebrated, and generally acts as the heart of Misty Hollow. It is also considered the safest place in case of a serious supernatural event, thanks to magical wards and charms that have been placed over the structure.


Where the Crowchester police force calls home. Inside you can normally find basic supernatural deterrents if you have problems with ghosts and the like. Sage, salt, and other things are always on hand. Also, obviously, police officers.


A mellow place to unwind after a long day. Typically always on the quiet end of things, with freshly and locally brewed beer on tap. Also serves surprisingly good burgers and other food, too.


A privately owned radio station that is music 100% of the time. Genres vary wildly by the day of the week. Locals tend to throw a bit of extra money at the radio station's way to support them ad-free through an entire day. The only "DJ" heard on the station is the occasional voice between ads and music which tells you what radio station you're listening to.
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The Pantheon


Adagio Grove

A thick forest that runs along the North Western side of Centria. Despite it's decently sized population, it still is rather quiet and peaceful within the Grove.


Nearly every inch of this small cavern’s walls and ceiling are covered in honeycombs, always alive with the activity of busy bees. This cave is where honey and beeswax are harvested, a valuable commodity all over Pandora. Protective clothing is required, and no more than six individuals at a time may fit inside this cave.


An old shrine building and small grounds area. Despite its traditional Shinto aesthetic and practices, it's not closed off to those that follow other faiths who seek a quiet place to pray or to simply rest. Many crows seem to like roosting here, and malicious spirits will feel distinctly repelled by this area.


This large zoo is split into seven sections: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia, with typical Earth animals found in their native environments. Visitors can use the monorail to travel around the zoo, as well as enjoy some spectacular views of natural enclosures and amazing animals.


The Quiet Thicket has a reputation of eerie and unexplainable phenomena. Lying within the deepest thickets of the Adagio Grove, people often go in but don’t come out. Supernatural rumors seem to circulate around the area, but nothing is yet to be confirmed or proven.
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The Pantheon


Cadenza Expanse

A flat grasslands speckled with large windmills that produce power, with Ark City at its very core. Small towns and large farms dot the winding roads, as well as an unmistakable southern charm.


A town that lies on the eastern end of the Cadenza Expanse. Small, friendly, everyone seems to know everyone, and welcomes strangers...probably a bit too enthusiastically. They're not cannibals, we think. Arco is also known for its local music - live concerts and festivals commonplace on weekends.


A former mining industry settlement, the city of Las Gemas is now a rather modern place, existing in symbiosis with the local flora and fauna. Its skyline is filled with a few skyscrapers and mostly apartment blocks huddled together, with the biggest of them being the uniquely shaped tower in the middle of town, which is the headquarter of a local genetics and bioengineering company. There are rumours, that, in the nearby forest, you can still find and collect the gems that gave the city its name, now that the mining industry has been shut down for nearly three decades.


This church's bell tower stands tall and looming, seeming to radiate negative energies. Even those who are not attuned to the supernatural feel uneasy around it. A rusted wrought iron fence tipped off with spikes circles these grounds, and a small graveyard can be found immediately to the left upon entering. Lichen and ivy climb the church’s crumbling stone walls. Most of the windows are boarded up, its wooden doors rotten with disuse. A large hole in front of the church drops to the maze-like catacombs beneath.


Out in the middle of nowhere, there sits a giant statue of corn. It stands at about thirty feet tall - paint peeling, and looking rather worse for wear. A common place people use to meet up, while in the Expanse. A few benches and picnic tables sit around it, to enjoy the corny view.


Centria's current largest religious sect of spiritual whiners, the Church is located just to the west of Las Gemas. Founded by John J. Finkleburg II Esq., the church firmly believes that the apocalypse is too good a gift for humanity and that Pandorans will be forced to keep going on "like this" forever. In the Church's holy scripture of the Complaint Box, it's "the same shit as always."


Nicknamed “Blood Ranch”, Ruby Ranch gets its name from its red painted buildings, flock of California Red sheep and herds of red furred cattle (including Barzona, Hereford, Devon Ruby, Red Angus and Lincoln Red). A certain weretiger rancher is in charge of affairs and liaises with the folk at the Amethyst Tower to provide carnivorous types (such as shifters) with jobs and/or homes at the ranch, fulfilling their bestial needs to hunt, kill and eat in a legal way. The locals recommend that regular humans don’t stray anywhere near the ranch during the full moon in case of grisly accidents.
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The Pantheon


Rhapsody Heights

A mountain range that sits nearly on the dividing line between the Dread Wastes and Centria. A large tunnel runs through the center to allow for easy access to the Wastes, with a small factory town just outside it.


Also known as 'The Hotel', this office is located high into the range of the Rhapsody Heights mountains. It is one of, if not the most secure compounds within Pandora's reaches with closed circuit camera and lethal security measures marking the perimeter. It is home to the most elite and professional contract killers in the Box itself. It is home to staff offices, sleeping quarters, dining quarters, and all other comforts one could get this close to the border of the Dread Wastes with it only being reachable by an agency approved helicopter.


New Genosha is a growing city that lies at the base of the mountain range that flanks it. The settlement consists of New Genosha alongside a number of small villages that surround it. It's best known for its decorative metal wall, its usage of green energy and its beautiful buildings and homes.​


A small industrial town just outside the Tremolo Tunnel. Has a less than savory reputation for the particular businesses and people that tend to live there. A common stop while going out of Centria and into the Dread Wastes.


A tunnel that cuts straight through the center of the Rhapsody Heights and heads straight into the Dread Wastes. The tunnel is lit by yellow lights that dot the ceiling every few feet. It's two lanes, with a small walkway on each side - separated from the road with a handrail.


Sister to the Songstone and Spiritstone Parks of Pandopolis and the Crystal Vales respectively, Skystone occupies a portion of northern mountain ranges bordering the Dread Wastes. Shepherds of the sister parks monitor, study, and defend the unique flora and fauna of the region from threats. Skystone feature hidden natural hot springs and oases, and is said to be a hotbed for volcanic activity.
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The Pantheon


Windjammer Cove

A quiet stretch of coastline on the South end of Centria. Always foggy, and always relaxed. Possibly haunted. Don't worry about it.


Cross Protection Services has been serving politicians and other people of importance in Pandora faithfully through protecting them against mercenaries, murderers, and assassins. A bad storm caused their original Headquarters to be destroyed, but now they are rebuilding on the abandoned Cobra Island. The facility utilizes the abandoned barracks, as well as the protections that the mysterious Cobra Island already has in place.


A sleepy fishing town that sits quietly nestled along the coast. For Centria, they keep it rather simple; only the essentials with technology really present. While they don't take unkindly to strangers, you will feel watched.


A lighthouse on a tiny island just large enough for the lighthouse and dock right outside the mouth of Windjammer Cove. Legend has it that couples who visit the lighthouse on their wedding day will never have to live without their spouse-- for better or worse.

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