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News Article Colossal Cookie Clash!


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April 1 - May 31

Colossal Cookies, a popular sweets company in Pandora which sells a host of unique cookie flavors and more, is hosting an exciting campaign that will leave Pandora's citizens frothing at the mouth! Hundreds of individually wrapped cookies, flavors from chocolate chip all the way to maple glazed apple crisp, are being sold. Ten of these cookies are imbued with magic that gives a temporary boost to an individual's skills, be they physical or magical. Are you pretty good at archery? You might seem like an expert for anywhere from a few days to a full week! Have some skill in magic? Take that up a notch!

Contrary to popular belief, this is not an April Fools joke, as eventually discovered by Pandora's very first lucky winner.

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This is nothing serious, just a bit of fun and some food for thought y'all are totally free to use for threads. I'd love to read about characters aggressively buying huge batches of cookies as they try to find the right one! If you'd like an actual shot at happening upon one of the ten cookies, though,
check out this sign up thread!!
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