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Open Compatiability Poll!

Who will make a good team partner with Alita Battle Angel?

  • Android 21 (Good)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Akiza Izinski

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Penni Parker

    Votes: 6 66.7%

  • Total voters


Hi guys, I hope you all are ok! Now I few days ago I just realised that all five of my characters are compatible with each other, I will explain. First we have Saber and Shana, who are not only both immortal, but both of them are true warriors and wield a sword. Next is Juliet and Videl, both tomboys and both have superhero identities. Now we come to Alita who doesn't have anyone that could been a team with her, as stated before they treat each other as not only equals but as true sisters, so I just wondered who would make a better team partner with Alita?

Now I already have someone reserved, but I am unsure if she will be difficult to play. Hence this poll. Here are the selections I have made who could be compatible with Alita, now when I mean compatible, I mean they have a lot in common with each other.

First we have Android 21, an android who was created using the cells of the greatest minds and fighters in her world. She was once a whole being, but a tragedy had caused her to split into two halves, one good and the other evil. The good one is who I was applying for. I figured that since she and Alita are both androids, they would have something in common with each other. Down side to her is that she has a rather professional personality to her which could be quite hard for me to role play.

Next person I choose is someone who I respect. This is Akiza Izinski, a duelist from the realm of Yu-Gi-OH! She hails from the world of 5DS, she is completely different from all other players as she has the ability to make damage and her monsters become real! Now I figured that she and Alita would have some things in common, firstly their name has five letters, and their brains are different from ordinary people. Down side is that she isn't android, but both her and andAlita cant go back to their parents ever again, so it could also be something that connects them.

Finally we have someone who I have adored quite a bit in a certain Spider-Man film. This is Penni Parker, the adorable girl from the future, along with her best friend the spider-bot, they are quite a team, so enemies beware! Now for Penni she and Alita would have something in common, her brilliant mind could fix Ali incase she has problems, and Alita could see something of her father in Penni. Not to mention that the spider bot would be good friends with Alita. Downside is that again Penni is not an android, but I just cant help but love this girl to pieces!

The choice is yours!


Good morning everyone! I hope you all are ok! After a brief look at the poll. I have decided to end it early, and our winner by lots of votes is young Peni Parker! Peni will be in Pandora soon! :)

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