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Cosmic Wilderness: Locations & Positions

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The Pantheon


Stations and Outposts


A modular city-ship known for its merchants that can get you anything and everything as well as its enormous size, the Avalon Prime is famed for its out of this world energy core the Green Lantern Central Power Battery, as well as a defense system that packs an extra punch due to its core. It must also be known that, in recent years, the Avalon has had some political turmoil, with recent regime changes leaving a tense populace.


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At the apex of the Pandopolis Elevator, well above Pandora's atmosphere and ceiling, floats COSTA. COSTA connects all major locations throughout the Cosmic Wilderness via a shuttle network, and offers a modest selection of overnight stay hotels, tourist gift shops, and cafes for those awaiting their next scheduled flight.


Captain (1):
Infodesk Helpers:
Shuttle Pilots:


On the edge of the dangerous Speculatum ssteroid belt is a overly large asteroid drifting along through space. Upon this asteroid lies what has been coined the Gem-Port. A small port nestled in the mirror-like asteroid that looks as if the entire place is made of precious gems. Ships on their way through or past the belt can stop, refuel, restock, and perhaps even trade with the creatures that lurk and work there. Just beware that you mind your manners. The locals are helpful, though secretive, and don’t take kindly to rude strangers.




Starfleet is a force of battle-ready ships charged with ariel protection, patrolling the wilderness to watch for threats, search and rescue, and help with trading between settlements throughout the cosmos (and occasionally with other regions). Functionally, they're the Elysian Navy (with the Starfighter Corps as their equivalent to the Marines). They're based in stations, hangars, and executive ships all throughout the Cosmic Wilderness, with their headquarters circling Elysium itself in a steady orbit. Starfleet develops their own military-grade vessels, which enjoy a reputation of being the cream of the crop.


Admiral (1):
Lieutenants (2):
Sergeants (4):


Orbiting Juno is a lonely abandoned outpost that manages to keep on chugging along on a stable trajectory, fueling itself from the vast amounts of energy the nearby black hole projects. The station may be only nominally 'abandoned', as it's occasionally in a strategic enough location can sometimes provide refuge for cosmic vagabonds, occasionally stable enough to act as a refueling station. Only Juno's dangerously looming proximity makes it undesirable for long term occupation and repair. Enterprising adventurers have taken to calling it the Waycastle.
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The Pantheon


Planets and Planetoids


A mining and excavation colony built into the surface of an asteroid that maintains an irregular orbit around a cluster of material-rich, danger-rife planetoids, Ceres represents the quintessential Wild West aspect of the Cosmic Wilderness. Space saloons, cantinas, and space cowboys are deeply ingrained in Ceran culture, which in turn looks down upon Elysian city folk as unbled and untested as a stereotype. They may or may not be wrong. The faint glow of a red star overlooks the system during daytime.


What seems to be a giant drop of water floating through space. There is no land or atmosphere. The world is over a hundred miles in circumference, and all sorts of magnificent (and dangerous) creatures exist within its depths.


A small mining planetoid located close to Pandora's atmosphere, Harmony Point is a small Earthlike planet rich in rare minerals and metals used in construction of ships and shuttles. The climate is hot, with rolling breezes across the amber plains and red sands. Too small for widespread colonization leaving the one town to hold all of the planets inhabitants, barely two thousand people. While advanced in technology such as cloning cattle, laser weaponry, and hover bikes, clothing, mannerisms, and architecture styles resemble styles from Gold Rush era America.


A small, flat, disc-like planet with a very active volcano at its center. Lava is constantly flowing, dripping off the edges to drift away into space. Chunks of rock are scattered through the oceans of lava, glittering with valuable minerals, and old fortresses cling to igneous pillars.


Naerys I is a mineral-rich continental planet outside of Alliance Space. Roughly half of the planet's surface is made from water in the form of oceans, lakes, rivers and etc. Though it is a continental planet, Naerys I contains a fair bit of islands many of which would make for beautiful vacation sites. Though visitors should be wary, large portions of the planet are owned by Clans/Tribes who tend to keep to themselves unless otherwise provoked. The planet has also as of recently been claimed by Green Lantern Forces, a claim which is contested.


Green Lantern Corp:


Oblivios was once an almost lifeless rock, now standing alive and thriving thanks to strong terraforming efforts. However, what once was a thriving human colony now stands abandoned, seemingly over night; Now it is overgrown by the native flora and fauna. The combined technology of solar mirrors, atmosphere generators, and everything else used to keep the planet alive still runs long after humanity has left, which may be a sign of intelligent life still there.


An unstable, storm-wracked planetoid heavily guarded and regulated under Alliance control, Prometheum is theorized to be the source of all Prometheus Dust within Pandora. Supernatural abilities are all but nullified on the gravitationally crushing proximity of Prometheum, and large chunks of rock can occasionally jettison off without a moment's notice, sending swaths of the coveted substance into the unknown. Without highly specialized technologies (specifically those unaffected by nullification) to protect you and your equipment, life expectancy on Prometheum is about a minute on average.


This small planet consists of steamy rainforests, bleak rocky landscapes and snowstorm blasted tundra. It’s home to a host of dangerous life forms, ranging from giant spiders and serpents, piranha-like bipeds that see in infrared (called “yautja”), insectoid creatures with multiple mouths and acid blood (“xenomorphs”), plus unnamed monstrosities that melt their prey, before shape shifting into its form. Despite these hazards, two human colonies have been established on RIP-321, with the people of “Cameron’s Ambition” mining anything that they can sell, while “Ridley’s Vision” possesses research facilities throughout the jungles and snowy landscapes of the planet.


This planet is predominantly composed of seas and islands. The biggest island possesses a strange wedding cake topography, with the bottom tier being made up of beaches and rocky coastlines that fall away to dense woodland, teeming with a tribe of living teddy bears (called ewoks). The middle tier is scorching desert, while the top is thick snow and home to ice foxes (vulptices) and yeti-like monsters (wampas), among other diverse and interesting fauna. Ancient books, temples and tombs are scattered throughout the island, relating to a long extinct civilisation known as the Saculites.


Yensid resembles a much smaller version of planet Earth, but is populated by anthropomorphic animals. Walking down a street in Yensid, you wouldn’t find it uncommon to see a dog faced person with a human on a leash, human babies being sold in pet shops, or bloodied human torsos hanging upside down in butcher’s shops. While the Yensidders treat their planet with the utmost respect, they are only too happy to exploit others to fill their pockets, mining valuable resources and hunting species to extinction.
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The Pantheon



In spite of the especially mercurial nature of the Cosmic Wilderness, the Alliance and StarsX Academy have attempted to map out the orbital paths and trajectories of the most notable objects and systems to varying success; as a result, most their networks are outfitted with dynamic, constantly updating starmaps. Cosmic cartography is a continuous work in progress.


The Cosmic Current winds throughout the Cosmic Wilderness much like a massive river might wind through land. And like a river, the Cosmic Current is sometimes placid and quiet and other times raging and filled with dangerous debris. It’s full of all manner of space flotsam, from broken down ships to chunks of asteroid and even what seem to be smashed up planets. It’s a risky place to go but if you survive the journey there’s potential to come away with great treasures.


Seated on a wayward asteroid, an old house towers over an inexplicably overgrown lot with misty, breathable atmosphere. Before the house was mysteriously relocated from Misty Hollow into... space... kids had thrown rocks through the windows to smash them and creepers and vines had grown over the house and through to the inside. There's a basement too, looks like some sort of animal got in and dug all the way through the foundations. It's spooky in there, with an odd allure about it, inviting those wandering through the stars with a taste of Earth.


The Cosmic Wilderness's largest supermassive black hole (that we know of), Juno may be part of the reason why the Wilderness doesn't implode into itself from all the cosmic mass that has a tendency to appear for seemingly no rhyme nor reason. Juno travels the cosmos on a semi-predictable trajectory and gorges itself on the celestial bodies within its path. Past Juno's event horizon, things get even weirder. Juno makes for a covetous scientific study, as the only ways to safely learn anything meaningful about its nature are far beyond the limitations of mainstream 'science'.


A drifting field of asteroids with surfaces that reflect like mirrors. It’s a deadly place to fly through because the asteroids confuse all but the most advanced laser technology.


Deep within the Cosmic Wilderness, massive fleets' worth of suspended wreckage floats on in silence. A mish-mash of contradictory clues ranging from devastating war to plagues sweeping through the population confuse attempts to divine what prompted this devastation. Only skeletons and ravenous mutated necromorphs remain of the once residents.


Warp Tunnels, or Hyperspace Lanes, or whichever colloquial term one prefers, are the highways of the Cosmic Wilderness. Vessels equipped with the properly configured and functional warp drives can cut through swaths of space that would otherwise take weeks or months to complete at lightspeed. The warp tunnels themselves have been described as spacetime blurring past in all directions, from the safety of a behind a starship viewport.
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