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Private [Crush & Burn] romantic spoop


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Crush & Burn: Pretty-Okay Package

Welcome to your all expense paid vacation! You and your partner have been blind-folded and picked up at your assorted houses. You're not allowed to see, nor speak to each other until you reach the location. Don't mind the hand-cuffs, they're for everyone's safety!

Once at the location, you handcuffs and blindfolds will be removed, and you're on your own from there on out! One of you has been handed an envelope explaining both the date, as well as some extra cash on us to make this adventure as worth-while as possible!

Have fun! And thanks for using us at CRUSH & BURN for love on this fine Valentine's Day!

  • The amount of money is up to you in the envelope.
  • The date ends when you decide it ends.
  • How your characters GET HOME from the date is also up to you.
  • Characters are free to bail from the date if they're not having fun.
  • Locations and pairings are final unless there's a SUPER VALID reason why your character can't be in a specific location. If so, just PM me!
  • Got a question? Feel free to @ milk in the questions channel, or poke milk privately on Discord/PM!

Your date is at The Haunted House!
Seated on a wayward asteroid, an old house towers over an inexplicably overgrown lot with misty, breathable atmosphere. Before the house was mysteriously relocated from Misty Hollow into... space, kids had thrown rocks through the windows to smash them and creepers and vines had grown over the house and through to the inside. There's a basement too, looks like some sort of animal got in and dug all the way through the foundations. It's spooky in there, with an odd allure about it, inviting those wandering through the stars with a taste of Earth.

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Mara Jade

Star Wars
Why did she sign herself up for this again? Mara couldn't quite remember, other than the fact that she was trying to reach outside of her comfort zone a little bit. Meet new people. Try a new holiday out. Something along those lines. Or maybe it was because she was bored. Either way, Mara had been the one to sign herself up for this "Valentine's Day" thing and therefore, she only had herself to blame for what was going on.

She had been cuffed and blindfolded after a hard stare down with the person who had tried to put them on her. There had been a small, tense conversation but after Mara had confirmed that there was nothing really holding her there (not with her abilities), she allowed herself to be cuffed and blindfolded, then got into the ship that took her to...

Who had thought of this kriffing place as a place for a date?

Her green eyes took in the house in front of her. They were in a small area that supported oxygen, from what she could tell, but the house looked like something you would find in Centria or Pandopolis. Modern-ish, but the windows were smashed in and it looked like a ruined mess of a place more than anything else.

Mara glanced down at her clothing. A nice pair of dress pants and a matching blazer, a nice dress shirt and even a pair of small heels. Not anything too fancy, but nice enough for a first blind date on a holiday for romance. She had been given an envelope that felt like it had some credits in it, but what were they supposed to spend money on here?

She turned to look at the man she had been paired with, one eyebrow raising before she shrugged her shoulders. He looked just as clueless as she was. "Mara Jade." Might as well get the introduction out of the way.

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