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Daye, Toby

Toby Daye

October Daye
Empathy Queen
Neutral Good
Relationship Status
W/ Gabe
October "Toby" Christine Daye
do another take and get it right

Played by Andii

Fandom: The October Daye Series
Age: 62, appears late twenties
Species: Changeling, half human, half Dochas Sidhe
Gender: Female
Canon Point: End of the fourth book
NPC Companions: Gilly, 6 year old daughter.


Blood Magic & Dochas Sidhe specific skills
Toby is able to do a lot of things with blood because of her Dochas Sidhe half. Called a number of things: blood workers, walking hope chests, etc.

  • Walking Memories: With the taste of someone's blood (literally just a few drops), Toby can walk through someone's memories in order to see what they were doing. While this is typically used within the last twenty four hours for the person (from the time the blood left someone's body), if there were strong enough events a few days prior (death, murder, violence, etc), sometimes those memories can echo through. Toby is able to see what the owner of the blood saw and felt. Thoughts, emotions, everything that person lived through.
  • Identifying Magic/Species: Toby can tell what a person is by a breath. For example, she can tell who is human, who is fae, in Pandora this expands to all sorts of different species but primarily things that are magical (or mortal, due to the lack of magic). Species often carry similar traits (i.e. demons all have a smoke smell, all vampires have a frosted element, etc). Once Toby has figured out what someone is then she can link similar species to that trend.
  • Burning Magic: Similarly, Toby has the ability to burn out invasive or unbalanced magic in a person's body. For example, if someone is cursed Toby can burn the invasive magic out of the victim on a cellular level. She brings this magic into her body and basically uses her system as filtration to eliminate the invasive magic. She can also rip magic forcefully from someone if she gets her hands on them and the person has little choice in the matter once Toby has started.
  • Blood Balance: Additionally, in the same vein as the burning magic, Toby has the ability to remove and re-balance blood in magical people. For example, she can make a changeling completely human or completely fae. This would apply to anything that is partially at least two things with one being a magic creature of some sort (i.e. fae, vampire, werewolf, etc). Toby can also do this by force without the person consenting if she has to but the really neat trick is the fact that Toby can do this to herself. She has the ability to become more human or more Dochas Sidhe if she needs to, thus her percentage of fae to human blood can vary.
  • Pain Tolerance & Healing: Toby is someone who can take a hit and just keep ticking. Her body knits itself back together at a faster rate than most of faerie and certainly faster than humans. Things that take weeks to heal would take her days. Her pain tolerance is incredible and she can power through most things by just making herself move even if her body shouldn't be able to.

Basic Faerie Magic
Everyone in faerie has basic magic skills that are either genetic or taught.

  • Illusions: Every race in faerie is able to create basic illusions. This is primarily something that they use on themselves in order to make themselves look human in day to day life but can include hiding in plain sight, hiding buildings, etc depending on the person's strength with illusions. Toby is able to make herself look human, hide in plain sight, and generally change up the details of her appearance when she casts an illusion to help herself.
  • Wards: Wards are something varied in Toby's world as well, based on the race, but all faerie can cast basic wards. This is mostly used to keep others out of their homes or to alert the caster that someone has broken into their home if the ward is broken.
  • Ritual Magic: Ritual magic is one of those things that anyone can learn and/or have skill with as long as they apply themselves. Again, certain races have it easier than others and the strength of the rituals can vary because of this. Summoning creatures, finding hidden portals, just about anything basic can be done as long as the ritual and the materials gathered can be made. Again, skill is needed.
  • Slowed Aging: Faerie is immortal. Once a fae has hit peak age (around 25 in human years), they basically stop growing and are eternal unless killed. As a changeling, Toby has slowed aging. She's not immortal but she's going to have a very long life. The current ball park is 300-400 years based on a 50% blood balance.
Aura & Semblance
Nov 108, Toby unlocked her aura with the help of a friend. An aura is a manifestation of someone's soul and a kick to help someone in a fight. There are general abilities that a lot of people could consider "super". Enhanced speed, strength, increased healing, damage barrier (mostly for blunt force damage). It takes training to be able to use an aura smoothly in battle but Toby's aura was unlocked primarily due to her strong emotions surrounding certain events (she got really angry). Each aura is different in color and Toby's matches her eyes, a pale grey color that can engulf her figure when needed or when her aura is being used.

A Semblance is a physical manifestation of the person's personal power. Semblances are fueled by auras, thus you cannot have one without the other. Semblances can vary based on the person and while there are links to families have similar or exactly the same semblances, Toby's is all hers in the form of adoptive muscle memory. Basically Toby can mimic any physical move she can see, pulling it off flawlessly the first time she tries it. Primarily used in fighting skills and abilities, but can be translated to other physical activity skills.

Currently Toby is kitted out with two magic blades from her wizard friend. They are magically enhanced to take the shape of whatever blade Toby needs (i.e. they can shift from hunting knives to gladious blades to full length swords on a dime). They're also able to take on the properties of whatever metal Toby needs as well, meaning they can become silver, iron, etc.

Additionally Toby got her car at the tail end of Year 7. Old school, burnt orange, Volkswagen bug. It's pretty standard make and model, a couple of decades old, but it has had some work done on it so it runs well. Toby is a solid, crazy driver who straps in and hopes to god she doesn't hit anything while trying to outrun various things, so there are a few dents and scratches, along with an old school rock CD collection stashed in there.

Gilly's Abilities
Gilly is no longer a normal child. Six years old, she's had a lot happen in two short years. Still looking like a mini-Toby, Gilly's picked up two bits of abilities normal kids don't have. First off? Cat shifting magic. Gilly can turn into a young looking sleek grey house cat after being gifted the magic by a wizard friend of Toby's.

Additionally, that same wizard friend helped Gilly start to work on her aura. It's by no means anything cool like Toby's but she can have bursts of super speed or strength if she concentrates.


Faerie Weaknesses
Being faerie means Toby has some rather blatant weaknesses. Primarily iron, which is basically acid to faeries. It burns her skin the more faerie she is and she can die from iron poisoning if she touches the iron for too long. At 50% faerie, iron poisons her after 10-20 minutes and gets increasingly worse the longer it is in her system or touching her. This is extremely painful and is one of the only ways to leave scars on Toby at 50% blood balance.

Additionally all fae magic breaks with the dawn. No matter the spell, doubly in Pandora, the dawn shatters the magic. Dawn is also painful to faeries outside of faerie specific places, which causes Toby pain every morning at the dawn. She basically hisses like a vampire, feels like she got punched, and then that's sort of that. The sun also isn't the best thing for her as she gets headaches and finds the sunlight painfully bright or if she's in it too long or too directly.

As a changeling, with weak human blood mixed in, all of Toby's magic is extremely limited in usage and ability. Most of faerie would consider everything but her blood magic to be super weak. Other people can overwhelm her other types of magic. Her blood magic can also make her weak to falling under spells of a magical being if something like a curse is laid on the blood without Toby noticing. Could last a few hours to several weeks, depending on the magic/etc.

She gets magic burn and while she normally trucks around using small amount of magic, any big spells can knock her out pronto. Heavy rituals, too much blood balancing or magic burning will result in Toby legit just passing out and needing to sleep/rest/down food/etc for at least 24 hours before she tries anything heavy again.

Toby also has to speak to use any of her faerie magic minus the memory riding, blood balancing, and magic smelling. If she is unable to speak, she is unable to cast magic.

Human Blood Weakness
Toby is still half human. Even though she heals at an incredible rate and can take on a lot of pain, her body still has limits. If her body is ripped into pieces there is nothing she can do to heal that. If she is burned at the stake, there is nothing she can do to heal that/etc. She can still get sick and die from illnesses/disease/etc.

Aura Limitations
Toby's aura is not limitless. She can use it to a certain degree but taking too much damage/using it too much/etc will cause fatigue. Once her aura is spent she doesn't have any of that fancy damage barrier or rapid healing/etc. Additionally Toby's semblance is limited to when her aura is on. If her aura isn't on, she can't learn shit. It takes rest and recovery/etc in order for her to be able to use her aura again.

Gilly WeaknessesGilly is still very, very squishy. She's not immortal and while her aura can boost her abilities it is currently limited to seconds at a time (no more than bursts of five seconds or so) and she tires out really quickly. Her squishiness also extends to her cat form. Even more, she's just a little cat!


Toby is a complicated person. She tries to be tough, because if her life has taught her anything, it's that you have to be tough or you die. She likes to think of herself as this bastion of loneliness and anger, but the reality is far from it. She deeply cares about people, she has a bad habit of empathizing with almost anyone she meets. There are very few people she's met that she can't try and understand on some level, even the people who go around murdering others. There's always a reason. Life's fucked up. Everyone does shit for the most fucked up reasons and Toby just tries to keep her head above the water.

She tries to do the right thing. There are moments where she'll try and be selfish, but in reality, Toby would rather do the right thing then the thing she feels might be best for her. She typically puts others' before herself and if she loves you, then she'll bend over backward to keep you safe and help you. Her list of people she loved use to be a tiny thing, but she was surrounded by people who loved and cared for her when she was dragged into Pandora. People that she would gladly die for, and she's likely going to build similar ties here in Pandora, because that's who she is.

She thinks of herself as broken, as something twisted trying to do things as well as she possibly can. She doesn't have a high self esteem of herself and she has a bad habit of thinking that she's disposable compared to everyone else. She's quick to anger, passion, and over reacting to many things. She's an odd ball, someone who can't figure out if she wants to be left alone or needs to be around everyone all the time. She holds her guilt and debts seriously, taking them far beyond what the normal person might.

All in all, Toby's a good person who doesn't think she is. She's done some terrible things in life, she's murdered, she's treated her own body as a cheap coin. Let others use her because she thought she loved them. She's been a fool and idiot. Been a puppet and warped, because her trust and care goes beyond the normal. She's willing to throw herself into a cause no matter what it might cost her. Toby Daye's a great friend to have on your side if you're in trouble, but she's also someone who can accidentally drag you into all her troubles as well, because how can you not return her fierce loyalty in kind?


Toby Daye stands a little taller than average height. Her hair is a straight, brown that falls just past her shoulders streaked with pale gold high lights. She's got grey eyes that are almost colorless and sharp fae features. Almost pointy ears (think star trek), sharp chin, high cheek bones, etc. Very pale skin. She typically wears jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets with sensible shoes.

Of course, she typically wears an illusion out among humans to keep herself hidden. When she does this, all her features are blunted to round human ones, her eyes are a grey-blue, and her hair is more brown than blonde. You could meet two women who look like they're related somehow, without realizing that they're the same person. Her taste in clothing does not change, even if her face does.


  • At seven years old, Toby makes her Changeling's Choice and is swept away from the human world to the faerie world.
  • At 25, barely able to pass as 16 in the human world, Toby ran away from her mother's home. Found by her ex-Devin, he took her home, took care of her, and told her she'd never have to go back to her mother. She had lost herself in the alleys of San Francisco and almost starved. Little favors he asked for in return started to become large favors and Devin often visited her room at night. Soon enough they were dating, in "love". He took plenty of things from her at this stage.
  • At 40, Toby left Devin and found the Queen's new Knowe, making an enemy of the Queen and becoming Knighted to her mother's friend Sylvester. She met Cliff (a human), started a relationship, gave birth to Gilly and had six very normal, very happy years.
  • At 46, Toby tried to find a Sylvester's kidnapped wife and child, only to be turned into a fish by his brother Simon for fourteen years. Gillian and Cliff reject her upon returning and Toby cuts herself off from the world in response. A few people in her old life try to bring her back but she refuses.
  • Toby's friend Evening is "murdered" and Toby gets cursed to figure out who did it. This forces her back into faerie full force, returning to Devin to figure things out. Turns out, Devin is the one who did it and tries to kill Toby a few times, and Devin winds up dead.
  • Over the next several years Toby gets involved back in faerie on various cases. Solving murders, being kidnapped by gods, saving kids from scary things, losing several friends. Accused of murder at one point, she is imprisoned and sentenced to being executed only to be popped out of prison by some friends. She gets pardoned by the High King and finds out she's actually Dochas Sidhe instead of Daoine Sidhe like she thought all her life (thanks guys).


Toby felt as if the rug was being pulled out from under her feet. She had left the Tea Gardens with Spike in tow, trying to make sense of what the Luidaeg had told her. She wasn't Daoine Sidhe. She was Dochas Sidhe, as if that was supposed to make any damn sense. There was a bit of a hint, an idea of what that could mean because her aunt had spilled the beans that they were more closely related than she could have ever guessed. Her mother was a first born. Her mother was a first born. That meant that her grandparents were the king and queens of faerie. The blood that flowed through her veins... Toby didn't want to think about it too hard. It wasn't her business. She was still Toby Daye, changeling. Nothing would change that damned little fact.

Spike was on her shoulder as she moved, getting ready to travel back to the land of her Duke. Waiting for the Luidaeg's tide to roll in and take them out, like it had gotten them there. There was a lot to figure out, a lot to settle, and Toby felt like she was going to have a talk with just about everyone before the Queen made her choice to barbecue her ass. The tide started to roll in on the outside of Golden Gate Park, but the color was wrong. Unless the Luidaeg was suddenly pissed at her for something, the water was much darker than it should have been. Toby took a step back, her body tensing as Spike moved into her arms instead of settling on her shoulders. He rattled his thrones at the water. He might have been cat like, but he wasn't that much cat like.

Her eyes narrowed slightly and then she turned to run. There are a lot of bigger, badder things in the world than October Daye, and this seemed like something bigger and badder than the things she normally dealt with. Had the Queen found her? She wouldn't be happy that Toby had escaped from her prison, but this seemed beyond the abilities of the Queen. There was nothing in her blood to suggest these sorts of powers. Toby's feet continued to churn sand. She tried to run away from the shore and down the way at the same time, trying to put as much distance between herself and whatever was that dark in the water.

She didn't have time to do more than try to throw Spike away from her as the vines struck her. Spike held onto her hands though, digging thorns into her flesh so he wouldn't be thrown away from her. Damn thing was far too loyal to leave her in a moment of crisis, no matter if Toby was just trying to help him escape for his own good. She struggled against the vines, cursing for all she was worth before they dragged her closer to the sea. If there was one thing that Toby hated than anything else, it was bodies of water. After spending fourteen damn years as a fish, anyone would hate it.

She struggled, but there wasn't any point. The vines were as strong against her struggles as if they had been cast by a First born. If the Luideag was having fun at her expense... but the vines kept tugging and Toby couldn't fight it. It dragged her into the ocean outside of San Francisco and pulled her through to a whole different set of water. It tasted different, the light was wrong, and it had seemed as if she had passed into a knowe without warning. She swam to the surface, Spike still held tightly in her arms. She wasn't sure how long rose goblins could hold their breath, or if they even could, but she kicked hard, rising to the top of the water with a gasp of air.

Spike shifted to her shoulders and she made it towards the side of the river she had landed in, pulling herself and Spike out of the drink to gasp for air. It was still night, thankfully, and her human disguise was still intact. Toby sat there, gasping for air, feeling as if her head was somehow spinning out of control. Whatever magic that was, it was entirely new to her. She glanced around the area, knowing that this wasn't any river in California. The taste of the air was off and the land almost held something to it, like it was the Summerlands and yet... wrong. She glanced around with human tinted blue eyes, trying to make sense of it even as she got to her feet with Spike on her shoulders. Any mortals around would have seen a hard used brunette, soaked to the bone, with a bush or a cat or something on her shoulders. It would have to do, for the moment.

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