By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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Rumor Did You Hear of the Radio Demon?

July 16th to present
“Hey have you heard of this one channel on the radio? 66.6?”

“Yah, the one where at 2am it’ll have some late night talk show? Devils Hour? Real spooky, right?”

“I’m addicted man. It’s got this weird sort of dark humor stuff.”

“It’s not real though, right?”

“Nah man. It’s probably just an act. Like some horror show kind of stuff. It’s real neat though. The radio host is super believable.”

“Like an episode of the twilight zone, ha!”

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