Donation Drive!



Donation Drive!

Hi Everyone! We’re here to talk about some updates we’d like to purchase for the board to assist with a smoother running of a lot of different functions on the board as well as some help to cover some general costs (server fees and license extensions) for next year. To be honest, we actually didn’t have the funds to cover these costs this year and having some help (if you’re able to) would really assist us next year!


If you’d like to donate, you can do so by clicking on this button on the right or clicking right here!

Our current goal is: $263.

What is the Donation Money For?

Web Hosting: $148
Domain: $10
xenForo License Extension: $50
A shop & credit add-on: $55

A… shop???

You heard us, or read it, right! This is something coords have talked about a ton of times to help smooth out a lot of staff related features within Pandora. It would help automate a lot of things in general like pre-req skips, different kinds of medals, helping with different government roles and rng ticket elements for those roles, various member rewards, plot goodies, custom member titles, custom discord colors, etc! While it will not eliminate any staff work over all, it should allow for a smooth process to automate a lot of features for staff and members alike.

This update would require two different extensions, one for the shop itself and one for the credit system. We’d still have to figure out a lot of details for how members would earn those credits and what items to put into the shop itself, but we do believe that it would assist in a ton of different ways across the board over all. So this wouldn’t become a live feature right away and would require more work from staff to get the ball rolling, but we’d really like to introduce this aspect to Pandora!

This is the shop we’d like to purchase and this is the credit system we’d like to purchase for the board.

Once again, please only donate if you’re able to and would like to help out! If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this thread! <3
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Target Goal: $263
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Currently saving money to fund for general costs for next year and a shop system. Read more about it here!

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