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Private Doom Comes To The Wastes

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Victor Von Doom

Marvel Universe
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February 6th

The excavations still bore no fruit and Doom was growing impatient, a plethora of powerful objects but none that would extend his life passed the deal he made with The Innocence. He would follow it's rules but he would not give up the rest of his life, more than likely he would have already outlived most humans so he still had time but how much was anyone's guess. He had to think fast or push his workers to dig faster. They had already dug deeper into the tomb he had found before and used to rejuvenate himself and create his Uru armor. But he had drained it and even with the dozens upon dozens of ashed corpses surrounding it, not a speck of magic had returned from his last sacrifice. Anger rippled through his body and he slammed a hand down on the rough wood table he was sitting at with the foreman of his operations, a stout Dwarf with pale grey skin and a shaved head covered in dwarven tattoos. A long braided beard slipped through two silver rings hung from his chin. The dwarf‘s face fell, knowing he had nothing to say to quell his Employers rage. “We’ve been workin for months some with only a days rest a week and we’ve found plenty, but sir we don’t know what we’re even searching for.

Doom had half a mind to kill the man right there but...even Doom had to admit when another was right. “You are...correct, it is frustrating that with all this work most of these trinkets are...barely useful.” The Foreman didn’t understand because some of things they’d found could crumble kingdoms if used properly. But Doom wanted something specific and he was still paying him heaps to work so he’d work. Doom stood and paced around the tent. Trying to think if moving dig sites was necessary, then suddenly a worker burst through the tent. “Lord Doom! We have found a new tomb! Still sealed!”

Doom turned and pushed passed the man and rushed to the dig site. Newly uncovered beneath the desert sands was a black obsidian doorway, strange symbols carved across it. “ promising. Open it.” Doom signaled two workers to get the mining tools. ”One of the perimeter scouts returned. “Lord, a lone figure approaches“ Doom waved off his report. “Have Titan and Sledge deal with them.” Two green super mutants looked over and nodded, rushing out with their patchwork scrap metal armor and rebar and cement clubs, heading towards the lone figure approaching from the dunes.
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