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God made man in his own image and now the Pandora gods have decided to make people in the images of your characters! Exact doppelgangers of Pandora citizens are appearing out of nowhere, seemingly at random. Despite being physically identical, these twins don't always copy the personality of their original. In fact, some seem to go as far as taking on the exact opposite personality -- anything from evil to deranged to silly to cheerful. Other than personality, the twins must be identical to the character and share the same abilities, powers, and weaknesses. They are generated in Pandora and not actual AU or canon twins of your character, but you can give them any backstory you choose. Or none at all!

The BasicsThis plot is entirely player-driven and very freeform. You can decide which of your characters are affected and freely write their doppleganger in whatever manner you'd like! The following are just Pandora's Pantheon's laws of dopple creation you should keep in mind:
  • Dopplegangers are exact physical copies of the version of the character in Pandora. They are not from alternative universes or alternate canons.
  • Dopplegangers have the same exact abilities as the original character in Pandora. This means that if your character gained new abilities in Pandora, the doppleganger will have those new abilities as well.
  • Dopplegangers can have different memories from their counterparts. These can be different memories of what happened before Pandora, different memories of what happened in Pandora, or both!
  • Dopplegangers can have alternative personality traits. They don't have to be complete opposites. It could be something as simple as being clumsy and awkward where the original version is very graceful/well-spoken, etc.


Just reply to this thread with a link to a post of your character's dopple running around in Pandora and you'll be awarded this medal!


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