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Closed Dragons are man's best friend (Re-done)

Which Dragon Ball Character would you like to see in Pandora?

  • The Kindhearted Gine?

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  • The Spirited Future Mai?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Wild Tomboy Videl?

    Votes: 2 100.0%

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Hi guys, I have decided to drop two characters to apply for two Dragon Ball characters. However there are three characters to choose from, so I need your help guys!

Future Mai, Videl and Gine

Firstly we have the combination of Future Mai and Videl. In the Dragon Ball franchise, I respect these two girls as not only do they never give up, but they will fight against anyone, no matter how powerful they are. Videl was a normal human tomboy, who fought against thugs and criminals, she is stubborn and has a short fuse. Thanks to Gohan, she has unlocked her latent abilities of flight and energy control, which makes her the strongest normal human in her world. I choose Videl because she had a heart that wouldn't quit. I also choose Videl due to having a super hero identity as the Great Saiyawoman. Thus she and Juliet the Red Whirlwind would get along very well!

Then there is Future Mai, the warrior from the future, she fought against a god and survived the ordeal. The girl even survived an energy blast, which makes her incredibly tough. Wielding a sniper rifle. and shotgun she is an incredible soldier and thus I respect her. Again a stubborn one but has a heart of a lion. I picked Future Mai for she could be a great member to the sisterhood as she would get on well with the others. Finally we Gine, the gentle soul of the great warrior race and mother to the legendary Saiyan himself, I picked Gine because she is not only friendly, but she deeply cared for her family, and she reminds me of my mother who passed away over ten years ago, so I thought if I applied for her, then I would be honouring her.

Now the choices are for different combinations. Thank you all for your time, please do vote!

Edit: The choices are now individual so please vote away!
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i think with a mix of canon-content to work off of + plotting potential, videl would have the most for you <3


Thank you very much for your reply and vote Milk. After much thought, Videl will be my next character. This poll is now closed.
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