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Dread Wastes Job Sign-Ups

The Pantheon


Lethe Job Sign-Ups

Although the Dread Wastes have no real sense of government, unity or otherwise, Lethe is the largest and most organized pocket of civilization to be found in the Wastes. It is also one of the only places where wanderers come far and wide to barter, trade and more. Lethe is unquestionably one of the safest places in the Wastes to live in, so most people prefer keeping their heads down to avoid getting on the Undertaker's bad side to risking their lives out in the wilderness.


  • If your character already has a full-time job, do not apply for a government position as these are all full-time jobs as well.
  • All characters who apply for government jobs must be at least physically 16 or have passed the mental examination to be considered a mature adult.
  • High-ranking positions (lead, head, chief, commander, etc.) are available only to characters who have been in Pandora long enough to have realistically achieved this position (with a minimum of 3 months/a season at least) and should have IC evidence to show that they have worked toward it.
  • Not all available positions are listed. If you would like to create a position, simply fill out the form as you normally would and we will add it to the list.



Government Job Sign-ups

Inner Circle

The Undertaker’s Inner Circle makes up Lethe’s government, however informal a government it is. Positions in the Circle are fairly standard, ranging from the organization and distribution of supplies, to acting as the Undertaker’s representatives when civilians raise concerns. Unconventional positions include the Undertaker’s Right and Left Hands. The Right Hand is the Undertaker’s personal advisor, one of the only people who comes into regular contact with the Undertaker and relays his orders to the rest. The Left Hand is widely believed to be the Undertaker’s personal bodyguard but they are also his spymaster and assassin, though this is known only to the Undertaker and his Hands.

The Head (1): The Undertaker (NPC) ☀
Right Hand (1): ☀
Left Hand (1): @Talia al Ghul ☀


The Militia is in charge of maintaining peace and order in Lethe and the immediate surrounding area, and venturing out into the Dread Wastes to gather supplies. While they don’t have a uniform beyond identical bulletproof vests and the same equipment and weapons (standard combat knives, pistols, rifles and controllers to shock Tagged civilians) they are a constant presence in Lethe and feared more than they are liked.

Squads are led by Sergeants, and each squad has a designated area they patrol, both inside and outside the city. Sergeants answer to Captains, who deal with and oversee most organizational matters pertaining to Lethe’s safety, as well as relay orders from the Commander. The Commander is the only Militia member who comes in direct contact with the Undertaker’s Right Hand, and is thus considered by many to have the Undertaker’s ear. Any order that comes from the Commander is assumed to have come from the Undertaker himself.

Commander (1): ☀
Captains (4):
Sergeants (8):

Other Job Sign-Ups

The Drunken Sandworm

Just off the bazaar sits a dilapidated building, built from rusting sheets of metal and a sloping roof. Just over its door a sign stands out that names it as 'The Drunken Sandworm', with a sandworm circling a mug. The interior is a slapdash set of tables, bar stools, chairs, tires, and even a few booths all shoved in. The bar and kitchen entrance sits at the back of the room, shelves stacked high with bottles of booze. Want something strong enough to peel paint? You'll find it here!


The Complex

The Complex houses several factories, electric generators and water converters. The factories focus on processing scrap metal, sorting it into salvageable and non-salvageable piles, and then either melting it down and repurposing into usable metal or sending it to the Bazaar to be bartered off. Buildings housing electric generators and water converters provide Lethe's citizens with electricity and drinkable water, and are guarded at all times.


Processing Center

Criminals are brought through the portal to the Processing Center, where they are fitted with Control Tags. Managers process and catalog offenders while Medical Staff are in charge of the tagging process.

Medical Staff:

Radio Tower

Guarded at all times by the Undertaker's Militia, this tower is the primary source of communication in the Wastes.

Head Technician:

Nanoball Frontier

Nanoball Frontier appears to be a big, southern-style mansion situated right on the outskirts of Lethe. It has a small sign with the name, and there's a stable around the back for visitors to hitch up any mounts they rode in on. However, despite the unimpressive exterior, Nanoball Frontier is a state of the art clinic. Its rooms have been refurbished to treat and house patients of varying conditions. The two doctors who work at Nanoball Frontier use two drastically styles of medicine, melding them together to provide healthcare for cheap and rather anonymously. Citizens of Lethe know the clinic well, though it remains unknown outside of the area.

Doctors (2): @Gyro Zeppeli

Miscellaneous & Freelance

Mercenary: @Diego Brando

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The Pantheon


Regional Sign-Ups

All jobs located outside of the Dread Wastes' hub city can be found here.


Owner of The Hangar . @Manfred von Richthofen . Seratorra

Civil Service

Town Watch . @Gerold Hirschberg . Halls of Horizon


Job Title . Character Name . Location


Job Title . Character Name . Location

Food Service

Game Hunter . @Gerold Hirschberg . Halls of Horizon


Job Title . Character Name . Location


Job Title . Character Name . Location


Bodyguard . @Noel Kreiss . Anarchy Road
Hunter . @Noel Kreiss . Anarchy Road
Vigilante . @Noel Kreiss . Anarchy Road

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The Pantheon


The Forms

If you are interested in signing your character up, please fill out the form below and post it as a reply to this thread.

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