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News Article "Elite Fighting Force" Unveiled Amidst Wake of Relief From Tragedy.


April 18th, Y110

In a press conference this morning on the discussion of the aftermath concerning the Killing Game tragedies, the safety of Cascade Bay's citizens, and the exile of confirmed perpetrator of the terrorist kidnappings, Junko Enoshima, Admiral Griffith Invictus of the Cascade Bay Naval Department had announced his intentions to "increase the level of security and surveillance in and around all military-operated institutions and sponsored events to disavow any would-be copycat terrorists of their ability to enact a similar threat." How the Cascade Navy will undergo these liberty restrictions is yet, as it stands, unknown.

In a bold move, however, Admiral Invictus had announced the formation of an extension to the Naval force in an attempt to bolster morale and mitigate the increase of prospective recruits in the wake of national tragedy in the creation of a new branch of the Governor's military as the Governant Marine Corps of Cascade Bay. The uniform, insignia, and purpose of the Governant Marine Corps was showcased at the conference as well. The Admiral had confirmed that the Governant Marine Corps will be smaller in number than both the military branches of the Army and the Navy, though however will be trained to a higher regiment and given authority to deploy on the command of the Governor without the approval from the Grand Coterie.

Admiral Invictus had also seeked to quell the existing rumours that he had been in a close and personal relationship with Junko Enoshima, alleged perpetrator and mastermind behind the Killing Game tragedies, and only had this to say: " had only ever laid eyes upon the woman once before and neither at a glance could I assess she would be capable of such a thing. It only goes to show that the world as we know it is rotting in ways we'll never see until its too late, and will take a vigilant soul to watch for his neighbor and his neighbor to him. Do not allow her [Junko Enoshima] to divide you, only then will she truly win."


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