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First Reply Everything’s Gone Topsy-Turvy

This is an open 1x1 roleplay, limited to the first character who replies.
OPEN to whoever can remove a curse!

Carter J. Burke

The Company Man
30 (+2)
Trader / Salesman
Lawful Evil
Relationship Status

April 2nd, Year 110
Galleria De Lorean, Overcity
Participants: OPEN to whoever can remove a curse!

It was extremely difficult to navigate oneself around a world turned upside down, and Carter Burke was finding this out the hard way. Since the moment he’d snatched up that shiny new wristwatch during his latest excursion with Skywalker and dared to put it on, nothing looked quite right the way it should have. The floor had gone up where the cosmos should have been, and the cosmos itself had shifted below his head. Everything in the world appeared just wrong, and there was no doubt in the poor businessman’s mind that it was the fault of his new accessory.

If only the watch would come loose from his wrist, all, he assumed, would be positioned correctly again. Burke had given the thing many tugs on his way back home, having clapped it on right after acquiring it, but it was all to no avail. The cursed object did not seem to want to free itself from his arm, despite it having been a breeze to put on. For the rest of the day he’d worked at prying it off, until finally he had to give up and go to sleep with it firmly attached.

When the following day arrived, he half expected the magic or whatever it was keeping the awful cursed thing on him to weaken, but as it turned out there had been no change. Because of these unfortunate circumstances, waking up, brushing his teeth and most especially cooking and eating breakfast had never been more difficult. Burke’s head was pounding by the time he’d finished his meal. He would have considered going to sleep for the rest of the day, but doing so would only delay a chance of potentially having the watch removed. It looked as if he hadn’t much of a choice but to seek out help - though not before calling in sick to work first.

Dizzily, he flew his Mercedes Benz into the shopping district of Galleria De Lorean, nearly crashing the car several times. He managed to park it, but then stumbled out of the vehicle afterwards, gathering the attention of some confused, concerned onlookers. Burke figured there had to be shop for cures and fixes for this sort of thing somewhere. They were probably more common in the Vales, though he wasn’t confident he could stomach travelling through a portal so it limited his options.

He maneuvered his way through to the center of the district, but he soon found that with everything flipped vertically, the shop signs were impossible to read. Just looking at one of them worsened his headache, and he felt the need to have a rest and close his eyes. With some luck, Burke found a bench and took a seat, then proceeded to close his eyes and lay down. Clapping a hand over his forehead, he let out a long, drawn-out moan. He’d never felt so disoriented in his life. If only someone useful would notice him feeling so miserable and come to his aid!

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