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News Article Fact or fiction? The Silver Man of Pandora


Entire of January

Have you seen the Silver Man Of Pandora?

Forget the Mothman, a new conspiracy theory is starting to get mainstream traction recently after multiple sightings of a silver-haired man in Pandora who appears to be an omen of death. Many who have seen the man say he warns against an imminent accident about to happen and has saved their lives by giving his own. Others believe he could be a spirit trapped in Pandora, reliving death over and over again. Some believe if you're lucky enough to save him before he dies, you'll be granted great wealth!

There is a darker theory that the gateway between our home worlds and this are malfunctioning somehow and that the Silver Man of Pandora is simply a victim trapped between worlds. Some even believe there is some sort of cover-up happening which may support the broken Pandora theory. An anonymous source reports there is a secret morgue at the Pandora Hospital filled with bodies of the Silver Man of Pandora that nobody else is allowed to see.

Have you had an encounter with the Silver Man of Pandora? Who is the Silver Man? Did he save you or do you believe he is an omen of doom or a bringer of great wealth? What message is he trying to tell us? Is he a ghost or a lost soul? Is he a warning of things to come...

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