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K-2SOStar Wars

K2 continues the finest tradition in Star Wars; a sarcastic droid who only barely tolerates being under the command of the meat sacks who surround him. A former Imperial security droid, K2 was reprogrammed by Cassian Andor and served the Rebel Alliance. He was the closest thing Cassian had to a friend for a good long while, even if the droid disapproved of 90% of Cassian's plans and made his displeasure known frequently.

requested by @Jester
NaulsThe Thing

Nauls is funny and gets along with everyone. He's the one blaring Stevie Wonder and rollerskating in a research station in the middle of nowhere. As the movie goes on he gets increasingly frightened, but he never entirely loses his good intentions or his curiosity--which gets him killed, although he lasts about five times longer than you'd expect from the stereotypical black guy in a horror movie :D
requested by @ChangelingChilde . want ad

Tohru HondaFruits Basket

Tohru Honda is the epitome of pure. While she's no stranger to hardship and unusual situations, she greets every challenge she meets with a smile and can warm even the coldest and most troubled of hearts. Without having her best friends to rely on, Pandora would serve as a completely different type of challenge for her to face. Depending on what part of canon she is picked up from, she may or may not recognize her canonmate Isuzu and that could lead to some plots for sure!

requested by @Nyami
ThrawnStar Wars

There is a loving fairly large Star Wars family on Pandora and that is great. But what is a Star War without a propper imperial. So i am here to humble request Thrawn. Who is in my opinion the best Star Wars character. He is already quite adaptable so i am sure that he could do whatever he wanted in here. There´s tons of characters to plot with and it would be great fun to have a character like him on the board. There´s some rebels he can track down, i am sure he could get into politics if he wanted. So for your consideration, Thrawn for Pandora.
requested by @Allunara

Eve PolastriKilling Eve

Would it be fair to say that Eve would be a force of nature all on her own in Pandora? Probably! Restless and perpetually dissatisfied with domesticity, she's a woman subconsciously drawn to the darker and more dangerous elements of life -- and herself. While I'm sure she'd find plenty here in that regard to keep her busy - and give her as many opportunities for troubled self-exploration as she (doesn't) want - even without Villanelle, to say that Villanelle would be over the moon to see her again is probably an understatement. Their eternally unpredictable dynamic probably depends on canon point, among other things, but I adore these two in any way, shape or form, and I think Eve would make a fantastic addition to Pandora as a whole particularly for those of you who are big into character studies!
requested by @Meeks
Yennefer of VengerbergThe Witcher

An absolute icon, a powerful sorceress, a fierce mama and bae, Yen is what we need to complete Geralt and Ciri's (and everyone's tbh) lives. I can personally guarantee at least a half dozen plots waiting for her arrival ranging from the classic found family trope to a ~magic school~ and ~magic politics~ and ~magic intrigue~. While Pandora's Witcherfam mostly skews toward the novel and games, the show version is absolutely welcome and adored as well! Basically we just want Yen, any Yen, because we love her.

requested by @Siri

Eddie Brock/VenomMarvel (Venom movie)

A very different kind of Venom, one that has no real animosity towards Peter Parker, so it would be fun to have Eddie and Peter be actually friends in Pandora and work together... even if Peter would probably be very concerned about the symbiote, but that just adds to the fun, right?

requested by @FullMoon

The famously beautiful Cleopatra was more than just a pretty face- she was a brilliant economist who brought Ptolemaic Egypt from the bottom to the top. She's self-confident and adores beautiful things, but will also give you tips on how to fully express your inner beauty. Ozymandias and Nitocris are in Pandora as well- let's round out the Fate Pharaoh Squad with their final member!

requested by @Bremusa

GilgameshFate/Fate grand order

Demi-god and past king of Uruk, known mostly for being a problematic servant in the Fate universe, a proud warrior who thinks of himself as higher than gods and humans, we are looking for our chaotic member of society, any incarnation, to join in with the fate hi-jinks and build a rapport in this new world.

requested by @Chrosmo
Sojiro SakuraPersona 5

Sojiro is someone very important to a majority of the P5 kids, and they'd love to have their basically dad around. Ren, specifically, has sort of made a point to live a life that Sojiro would be proud of - down to opening a cafe that operates under the same principals as Sorjio's Leblanc. On top of that, his daughter, Futaba, is around and kicking ass. Basically, give these kids a dad - there's a family already here waiting for him <3
requested by @milk
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