By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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Josuke HigashikataJojo's Bizarre Adventure

Josuke is a kind, well-meaning teenager with a shining heart. He will protect the people of Morioh from the dangers that fill it, even if he needs to risk life and limb. That said, he's still a teenager who gets up to plenty of antics. It's best not to forget that he is the son of a certain trickster Joestar.

requested by @Dantalion . want ad
Trish UnaJojo's Bizarre Adventure

Trish Una is one of the final pieces we need to complete our list of part 5 characters on Pandora and she's incredibly missed! She's the 15-year-old estranged daughter of the Boss, who runs a gang called Passione. She can sometimes be perceived as selfish and spoiled, but truly she has a gentle and caring heart that can't be ignored. Bucciarati's gang was put on protection detail for her, and the rest is history.
requested by @Jace . want ad

Sae NiijimaPersona 5

Sae is the older sister and legal caretaker of Makoto Niijima. She's a talented young lawyer from Tokyo, skilled enough to have passed the bar exam before graduating high school. Driven by the same desire for justice that made her now deceased father put his all into his police work, she's a formidable opponent both in and out of the courtroom. Her intense, analytical personality makes her intimidating to be under the scrutiny off, and sometimes her ambition to win makes her want to not play "fairly". She's also very capable of kicking the average person's ass with her years of martial arts training.

requested by @ScorpioRat
Sakunosuke OdaBungo Stray Dogs

In my humble opinion, Oda is one of the most interesting Bungo characters. Which is definitely saying something! The cast is full of interesting characters that are all worthy of so much love, but back to Oda. He has a very clear struggle with coming to terms with his work in the Port Mafia that I think could be really fun to explore in Pandora, where he's separated from it. He also has Dazai waiting for him along with everyone else, so things will definitely get a bit chaotic.

requested by @Jace . want ad

Zofia BosakRainbow Six

Both daughter of the former commander and member of Poland's most efficient, premier special forces group, JW GROM, Zofia is a quiet professional who seeks success out of every unit she's deployed with-- as well as the object of a single-sided rivalry between herself and her young sister Ela.

As Ela's (former, but more than likely future again,) player, I really just want to see Zofia in action on the board! In the military again, growing flowers, being a mom to her daughter finally, it doesn't matter. Bring this bad bitch in!
requested by @Piemaker
Oda NobunagaFate

The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven who was able to conquer nearly all of Japan during her lifetime. During her childhood, she was called the Great Fool of Owari, but after making a name for herself at the Battle of Okehazama, she became known as one of, if not the most powerful warlord of the Sengoku Period. She's an Archer-class Servant with a flexible, innovative mindset that denounces tradition and isn't bound by common sense. And yes, she's a woman.

requested by @Bremusa

James Dominic "JD" FenixGears of War

JD is one of Kait's best friends, the son of war heroes Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud. Whilst a soldier through-and-through, he's an idealist, and will readily cover for his friends and family over obeying orders.

It'd be fun to see him in an environment that isn't as wartorn, where people aren't on the brink of extinction. Their world is all sorts of messed up, so adjusting to one which isn't as bad would be interesting.
requested by @Jester
Doom SlayerDoom

Objectively the angriest devout Christian known to man, the Doom Slayer (legal name: Doom G. Slayer III Esq.) has been trapped in Hell for almost six generations-- and the guy needs a fucking vacation! But it's not all comically over-the-top violence with this guy, because he's got a sweet spot to him-- a love for rabbits and fine dining and fluffy puppy dogs, but of course also ripping and tearing anything that even smells like Satan.

requested by @Piemaker

Clover EbiRWBY

Clover is a wonderful character who, let's be real now, deserved better. He's a huntsman whose special ability is good fortune, but he doesn't leave everything up to chance. He's got a strong sense of duty, is incredibly friendly, and is all around just a really great guy.

On Pandora, he'll have all sorts of canonmates to interact with, though he'll only know a handful of them personally. But, if you pick him up this summer, he'll drop in just in time for some really intense plotting! :eyeshakeemoji: We'd all love to see a Clover for all the fun -- and drama! -- that will bring.
requested by @Steel
Princess Leia OrganaStar Wars

Please consider joining our awesome Star Wars family on Pandora! What better character to app than the legendary Princess Leia? Young or old. Legends or "canon". You pick your version of Leia! With her son, father and brother on Pandora, you've already got a few character relationships/plots at the ready!

requested by @Dharke
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