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Izuku MidoriyaMy Hero Academia

Shy, kind, selfless (almost to a fault), brave, there's a lot of words that can be used to describe Midoriya. His dream is to become a hero and protect as many people as possible. Despite only having partial control over his quirk, he's still willing to go to extreme lengths to protect people, even destroying his own body. He's just so pure and lovable and deserves some fun in Pandora.
requested by @Skooter910 . want ad
Ellen RipleyAlien

With corporate weasel Carter Burke and overemotional Private Hudson currently running amok, the badass lady protagonist of the Alien franchise would definitely have her hands full if she comes to Pandora! Whether she's picked up from the first or last of her movies, she'd be more a than welcome addition here!

requested by @Nyami

Josuke Higashikata (8)JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Not Part 4's Josuke Higashikata, but the alternate universe parallel otherwise known as "Gappy". He sings about french fries and is trying to figure out who he is in an "I woke up in a ditch and I don't know my name" way. Gappy is the protagonist of Part 8: JoJolion.

requested by @Dantalion . want ad
Jonathan JoestarJoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The original Joestar and the sweetest of them all. He may not be as flashy as the rest of his descendants, but Jonathan has a legit heart of gold. Said heart and strong-will can be seen in the rest of the Joestars, even if they're a bunch of punks. He's the protagonist of Part 1: Phantom Blood.
requested by @Dantalion . want ad

Nadia SatrinavaThe Arcana

The Countess of Vesuvia, Nadia is hardworking and cares very deeply despite how she keeps her image pristine for the public. No one would ever know of the nightmares she experienced every night outside of her trusted circle, maintaining an image of someone with a professional degree of control over the chaos that unfolded before her. She's deserving of far more love than she's been given in the past.
requested by @Jace . want ad
Portia DevorakThe Arcana

Portia, along with her cat Peppi, are the most likely to unfreeze even the coldest of hearts. Her constant optimism and positive attitude are healing, even if they occasionally come with some sass or light teasing. As Julian's little sister, she's dealt with a lot and knows how to handle most people that may need some guidance.

requested by @Jace . want ad

RheaFire Emblem: Three Houses

There is a small Fire Emblem community here with quite a few Fire Emblem Three houses characters. Let´s stir up the pot a bit by introducing Rhea to the mix.

requested by @Allunara
Kanan JarrusStar Wars

We do love a Star War on this forum and i for one would love to see some more rebels peeps on here. Which brings me to Kanan, who is great and would be great fun to have on this board. There are already a a small family of star war people to plot with, he would be great fun.
requested by @Allunara

Rin TohsakaFate/Stay Night

Heir of the Tohsaka family and participant in the fifth holy grail war, and a prodigy at magecraft, Absolute queen of the fate series, and ya know.. her servant is here, fun times, angst, all the jazz
requested by @Chrosmo
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