By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
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We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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Lana WintersAmerican Horror Story

The badass journalist who fought Briarcliffe from the inside out and faced much undeserved prejudice in the time period she came from. She went through hell (no pun intended) but remained strong. I’d love her to be a thorn in the possessed Mary Eunice’s side!

requested by @Hannah

Any incarnation of this absolute monstrosity would be appreciated, but I chose this version as there's already characters here from the 2017-19 movies! There would be so much for IT to do on Pandora - plenty of opportunities for it to wreak havoc and fear! Also biased Stephen King fan here who's dying for more characters of his to show up!
requested by @Hannah

Dan TorranceDoctor Sleep

Please give me this absolute cinnamon roll of a character so Rose (who I play) can continue to make his life hell! He's been through the wringer and hopefully, Rose aside, coming to Pandora will give him a break - though who knows with this box?

requested by @Hannah
Darth VaderStar Wars

Feel free to app whichever version of Vader/Anakin you want! I suggest Vader just because it would be interesting to have him at his most damaged and villainous on Pandora (plus I want to break Luke's heart after he spent time with the version of his father he admired, ahahaha). With a whole bunch of SW canons in Pandora, you've already got a strong starting off point when it comes to building relationships and plots.
requested by @Dharke . wanted ad

Juro Kurabe13 Sentinels


requested by @milk
Petra MacnearyFire Emblem 3 Houses

Petra is one of the Black Eagles and her fellow students miss her very much. Pandora is a wonderful place where there is lots for her to do from exploring different lands, to hunting, or whatever else is her cup of tea. The Fire Emblem community is thriving and would love to see her.​
requested by @Allunara

Bernadetta Von VarleyFire Emblem 3 Houses

Bernie, Bern or Bernadetta however you want to call her she is the Black Eagle´s favourite archer. A few of her fellow students are already in Pandora and weather you go for before or after the time skip i am sure a private room she can stay in will be arranged if needed. The Fire Emblem community is eager to see her, so please consider picking her up.
requested by @Allunara
Ezra BridgerStar Wars

Pandora loves a bit of chaos so who better then Ezra Bridger. Padawans always have the most fun anyway so come and join the Star Wars family on Pandora and consider picking up Ezra. Seeing more rebels erea people would be amazing and there´s already a bunch of people he can plot with.

requested by @Allunara

JavikMass Effect

Shepard's squad is a diverse group of specialists from a whole range of species and walks of life, all of them dedicated to defeating the Reaper threat and making the galaxy a safer place. There are so many choices, ranging from an ancient krogan warlord wishing to save his race to an artificial life-form who has broken themselves away from their larger hivemind.
requested by @Jester . wanted ad!
Rantaro AmamiDanganronpa

A totally not suspicious guy with very normal intentions. Though he doesn't remember his past or talent, he doesn't seem to mind a whole lot... but that just makes the air of mystery surrounding him even more potent. We have a wonderful cast of Danganronpa characters here on Pandora, and we'd love to see Rantaro (or anyone!) join the gang!

requested by @Bremusa
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