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hey psst, react to this for a text thread! (also comment if there's anyone in particular you're wantin')
:mad: ah hate it when they ain't been shaved :mad:
I'm not sleeping well and feeling kinda ill because of it, so posts might be rather slow. Apologies.
If anyone notices students falling off the edge of the Severed Havens over the next few days, they are fine and if they studied well, they should land in one piece :)
I'm just a simple girl, looking for a game with a playable rogue-support class and a zillion hit points.

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By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box.
Only the box is a world of its own.
We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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BBC SherlockMycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes, the British government and the elder (and smarter) brother of Sherlock Holmes. He prefers cakes to people and brainwork to legwork and is never seen without his umbrella and a three piece suit. Pandora needs his sass and talents!

requested by @Thalia . ad
ChromFire Emblem

Prince of weird tanlines. Lord of being overly trusting. Genuinely a good guy who saw some random person laying in a field and was like "yanno what? i'm going to make them my best friend AND let them tactically guide my entire armed forces <3333". Anyway, Chrom is great. With both Robin and Lucina in Pandora, they'd love to see their dad/bff around again for assorted adventures, and probably too much hugging.
requested by @milk

Naomi NagataThe Expanse

Naomi Nagata, the XO of the Rocinante, is the Roci's smartest and most capable crew member. She's incredibly intelligent and creative, always finding inventive solutions to the problems the crew have faced, both large and small. Her past is tragic and devastating, but she's come a long way from the girl she was thanks to her tenacity and her newfound family, who loves her as much as she loves them.

requested by @shan
Laura MoonAmerican Gods

Dead wife. Sass queen. Will kick everyone's butt. Literal zombie.... kind of. Tiny. Fierce. SHE RULES AND YOU KNOW IT. Is trying to get back with her one true love, or so she thinks, she isn't so sure anymore, especially now that she's kinda dead. Being dead sucks. She doesn't wanna be dead anymore. Was murdered by a God and resurrected by a gold coin. Got dragged into one wild trip resulting in a full-blown war between various Gods, but she's handling it pretty well (arguably even better than above mentioned Gods). Strong af. Will pick fights with anyone. Ain't afraid of nothin'. Searching for herself and something to believe in. Witty, complex, perfect sidekick to a grumpy tall leprechaun, likes puppies.
requested by @Alice


Born from a flower and no bigger than an average humans thumb, Thumbelina is kindhearted and a hopeless romantic. Not the most positive and optimistic if people, she can naive and a little too trusting, but has nevertheless captured the heart of the Fairy Prince, Cornelius. Depending on where she is taken from within the story, her personality may differ a little, as she does become more strong willed and generally happier and more at peace with herself and the huge world around her.
requested by @Alicorn . ad
LynaFinal Fantasy XIV

Lyna is the captain of the Crystarium guard, a Viera who's seen more than her fair share of war and suffering. All but raised by the Crystal Exarch after her family was killed by sin eaters, she's extremely loyal to him and the Crystarium people. She seems brusque and standoffish at first, but has a biting sense of humor and cares deeply about those around her.

requested by @Tired Old Soldiers

Sae NiijimaPersona 5

Sae is the older sister and legal caretaker of Makoto Niijima. She's a talented young lawyer from Tokyo, skilled enough to have passed the bar exam before graduating high school. Driven by the same desire for justice that made her now deceased father put his all into his police work, she's a formidable opponent both in and out of the courtroom. Her intense, analytical personality makes her intimidating to be under the scrutiny off, and sometimes her ambition to win makes her want to not play "fairly". She's also very capable of kicking the average person's ass with her years of martial arts training.
requested by @ScorpioRat
Ryuunosuke AkutagawaBungo Stray Dogs

Akutagawa is a mafioso of the Port Mafia. Formerly mentored by Dazai before the man left the Port Mafia, Akutagawa is a man that can be ruthless yet seeks for Dazai to acknowledge how much stronger he is and how he's better than Dazai's new apprentice, Atsushi. His ability is being able to manipulate his clothing—which manifests into a shadow-like, omnivorous beast that he controls in a variety of techniques.

requested by @Crystal . ad

Killian JonesOnce Upon a Time

Also known as Captain Hook!! His dumb AU son is in Pandora (Harry Hook from Descendants) and I would die to see them interact. <333 The Jolly Roger is already here as well, so that's available for ALL the piracy shenanigans!! The plot potential for him in Pandora is honestly ridiculous no matter what point in the show you take him from, especially with Emma running around as a canonmate!

requested by @Octi . ad

Gray is the descendent of King Arthur and believed by her village to be the reincarnation of that person. Before they're able to commit a horrible act, she's taken away by Waver Velvet and made his apprentice. She is not a Mage and nor is she a Servant, but despite that she carries the Noble Phantasm, Rhongomyniad. King Arthur's holy lance. A grave keeper, she assists her new teacher handle murder mysteries and tries to grow past the forced history a village set upon her.
requested by @Chip
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