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February's Activity Check is Cancelled!

Hey everyone! Due to the multiple days of downtime we had in January, we have decided to give everyone a free pass for February's Activity Check! All characters will be marked as Safe (as if they had 3+ posts) regardless of your actual post count. This would have been the last activity check of the season. Things will continue as normal next month, so keep on posting!
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Sorry for my recent inactivity! Working on a fanfic event thingy, but planning to get back here soon!
Scott McCall wrote on Carrie White's profile.
A little late but still, happy valentine's day, Carrie <3
KFC is now open at Radical Pointe, Ark City. Come one come all and enjoy some great food.
Jason Todd wrote on Tanaquil's profile.
Happy Valentines day, lets make more than today special as every day should be special with you.
I tried one of those valentines day chocolates and it just made me sick. Whats the big deal?

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