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September 1st

After Queen Edelgard von Hresvelg announced her plans to step down from the throne near the end of July, Heavenfell's first election period went underway. For all of August, a group of promising candidates from across the Slumbering Abyss area made a series of speeches in the capital city, spreading their platforms in hopes of being chosen by the people. The two standout competitors after polling the citizens appeared to be @Ferdinand von Aegir and @Lancelot. The Hand of the Monarch versus a young knight of Heavenfell. An age old battle between nobility and the common man, though their stated goals were not drastically different. Official voting closed August 26th, and counting began the next morning, all of it supervised by the Queen herself in front of the Spire.

In a stunning turn of events, Lancelot won the throne by a small, but clear margin of votes. As per the election rules, Aegir will keep his position as Hand to the Monarch, serving as an advisor to his rival. The coronation of the new King will take place on September 4th, where he will officially take over Queen Edelgard's duties in time for the Fall season.

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